Publication Reports For Fiscal Year 2015

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Examination of the Entry to Burn and Burn Control for the ITER 15MA Baseline and Other Scenarios

Authors: C.E. Kessel, S.-H. Kim, F. Koechl, V. Leonov

PPPL-5069 Abstract


Full-f Neoclassical Simulations toward a Predictive Model for H-mode Pedestal Ion Energy, Particle and Momentum Transport

Authors: D.J. Battaglia, J.A. Boedo, K.H. Burrell, C.S. Chang, J.M. Canik, J.S. deGrassie, S.P. Gerhardt, B.A. Grierson,
R.J. Groebner, R. Maingi, and S.P. Smith

PPPL-5070 Abstract


Control of Plasma-Stored Energy for Burn Control using DIII-D In-Vessel Coils

Authors: R.J. Hawryluk, N.W. Eidietis, B.A. Grierson, A.W. Hyatt, E. Kolemen, N. Logan, R. Nazikian, C. Paz-Soldan,
W.M. Solomon, and S. Wolfe

PPPL-5071 Abstract


Avoidance of Tearing Mode Locking and Disruption with Electro-Magnetic Torque Introduced by Feedback-based Mode Rotation Control in DIII-D and RFX-mod

Authors: M. Okabayashi, P. Zanca, E.J. Strait, A.M. Garofalo, J.M. Hanson, Y. In, R.J. La Haye, L. Marrelli, P. Martin, R. Paccagnella, P. Piovesan, C. Piron, L. Piron, D. Shiraki, F.A. Volpe, and the DIII-D and RFX-mod Teams

PPPL-5072 Abstract


Availability Considerations in the Design of K-DEMO

Authors: T. Brown, K. Im, C. Kessel, K. Kim, G. H. Neilson, J-S Park, and P. Titus

PPPL-5073 Abstract


Advancing the Physics Basis of Quiescent H-mode through Exploration of ITER Relevant Parameters

Authors: W.M. Solomon, K.H. Burrell, M.E. Fenstermacher, A.M. Garofalo, B.A. Grierson, A. Loarte, G.R. McKee, R. Nazikian, and P.B. Snyder

PPPL-5074 Abstract


Advances in the Understanding of ELM Suppression by Resonant Magnetic Perturbations (RMPs) in DIII-D and Implications for ITER

Authors: R. Nazikian, D. Eldon, T.E. Evans, N.M. Ferraro, B.A. Grierson, R.J. Groebner, et al.

PPPL-5075 Abstract


Development of Variational Guiding Center Algorithms for Parallel Calculations in Experimental Magnetic Equilibria

Authors: C. Leland Ellison, J.M. Finn, H. Qin, W.M. Tang

PPPL-5076 Abstract


The Role of Lithium Conditioning in Achieving High Performance, Long Pulse H-mode Discharges in the NSTX and EAST Devices

Authors: R. Maingi, D.K. Mansfield, X.Z. Gong, Z. Sun, M.G. Bell, et al.

PPPL-5077 Abstract


Relativistic Guiding Center Equation

Authors: R.B. White and M. Gobbin

PPPL-5078 Abstract


Electrical Detection of Liquid Lithium Leaks from Pipe Joints

Authors: J.A. Schwartz , M.A. Jaworski , J. Mehl , R. Kaita , and R. Mozulay

PPPL-5079 Abstract


Central Safety Factor and ßN Control on NSTX-U via Beam Power and Plasma Boundary Shape Modification, using TRANSP for Closed Loop Simulations

Authors: M.D. Boyer, R. Andre, D.A. Gates, S. Gerhardt, I.R Goumiri, and J. Menard

PPPL-5080 Abstract


Tokamak Magnetohydrodynamics and Reference Magnetic Coordinates for Simulation of Plasma Disruptions

Authors: Leonid E. Zakharov and Xujing Li

PPPL-5081 Abstract


Verification of Gyrokinetic Microstability Codes with an LHD Configuration

Authors: D.R. Mikkelsen, M. Nunami, T.-H. Watanabe, H. Sugama, and K. Tanaka

PPPL-5082 Abstract


Anomalous fast ion losses at high β on the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor

Authors: E.D. Fredrickson, M.G. Bell, R.V. Budny, D.S. Darrow, and R. White

PPPL-5083 Abstract


Hamiltonian Formulation of the Gyrokinetic Vlasov-Maxwell Equations

Authors: J.W. Burby, A. J. Brizard, P.J. Morrison, and H. Qin

PPPL-5084 Abstract


Comment on "Velocity Boundary Conditions at aTokamak Resistive Wall" [Phys. Plasmas 21, 032506 (2014)]

Authors: Leonid E. Zakharov and Xujing Li

PPPL-5085 Abstract


Impurity Confinement and Transport in High Confinement Regimes without ELMs on DIII-D

Authors: B.A. Grierson, K.H. Burrell, R.M. Nazikian, W.M. Solomon, et al.

PPPL-5086 Abstract


Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Divertor Cooling System

Authors: Andrei Khodak, Michael A. Jaworski

PPPL-5087 Abstract


Modification of the Loss Cone for Energetic Particles

Authors: Peter Porazik, Jay R. Johnson, Igor Kaganovich, Ennio Sanchez

PPPL-5088 Abstract


Quasi-Coherent Fluctuations Limiting the Pedestal Growth on Alcator C-Mod: Experiment and Modeling

Authors: A. Diallo, et al.

PPPL-5089 Abstract


High Performance Discharges in the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment with Liquid Lithium Walls

Authors: J.C. Schmitt, R.E. Bell, D.P. Boyle, B. Esposti, R. Kaita, et al.

PPPL-5090 Abstract


Analysis of the Wendelstein 7-X Inertially Cooled Test Divertor Unit Scraper Element

Authors: Peter H. Titus, H. Zhang, A. Lumsdaine ,W.D. McGinnis, J. Lore, H. Neilson, T. Brown, J. Boscary, A. Peacock, and Joris Fellinger

PPPL-5091 Abstract


Overview of Recent Physics Results from NSTX

Authors: S.M. Kaye, et al.

PPPL-5092 Abstract


Reconstruction of NSTX Midplane Neutral Density Profiles from Visible Imaging Data

Authors: D.P. Stotler, F. Scotti, R.E. Bell, B.P. LeBlanc, R. Raman

PPPL-5093 Abstract


Effects of MHD Instabilities on Neutral Beam Current Drive

Authors: M. Podestà, M. Gorelenkova, D.S. Darrow, E.D. Fredrickson, S.P. Gerhardt and R.B. White

PPPL-5094 Abstract


Full Wave Simulations of Fast Wave Efficiency and Power Losses in the Scrape-off Layer of Tokamak Plasmas in Mid/high Harmonic and Minority Heating Regimes

Authors: N. Bertelli, E.F. Jaeger, J.C. Hosea, C.K. Phillips, L. Berry, P.T. Bonoli, S.P. Gerhardt, D. Green, B. LeBlanc, R.J. Perkins, C.M. Qin, R.I. Pinsker, R. Prater, P.M. Ryan, G. Taylor, E.J. Valeo, J.R. Wilson, J.C. Wright, X.J. Zhang

PPPL-5095 Abstract


Correlations between Quasi-coherent Fluctuations and the Pedestal Evolution during the Inter-ELM Phase on DIII-D

Authors: A. Diallo, R.J. Groebner, T.L. Rhodes, D.J. Battaglia, D.R. Smith, T.H. Osborne, J.M. Canik, W. Guttenfelder, and P.B. Snyder

PPPL-5096 Abstract


Fusion Energy Systems Studies: Year-end Report on the Fusion Nuclear Science Facility, 2014

Authors: C.E. Kessel, J.P. Blanchard, A. Davis, L. El-Guebaly, N. Ghoniem, P. Humrickhouse, S. Malang, B. Merrill, N. Morley, G.H. Neilson, et al.

PPPL-5097 Abstract


Erosion of Lithium Coatings on TZM Molybdenum and Graphite during High-flux Plasma Bombardment

Authors: T. Abrams, M.A. Jaworski, R. Kaita, D.P. Stotler, G. De Temmerman, T.W. Morgan, M.A. van den Berg, H.J. van der Meiden

PPPL-5098 Abstract


Modeling the Reduction of Gross Lithium Erosion Observed under High-flux Deuterium Bombardment

Authors: T. Abrams, M.A. Jaworski, R. Kaita, J.H. Nichols, D.P. Stotler, G. De Temmerman, M.A. van den Berg, H.J. van der Meiden, T.W. Morgan

PPPL-5099 Abstract


Rotation and Kinetic Modifications of the Tokamak Ideal-Wall Pressure Limit

Authors: J.E. Menard, Z. Wang, Y. Liu, R.E. Bell, S.M. Kaye, J.-K. Park, and K. Tritz

PPPL-5100 Abstract


Study of Energy Conversion and Partitioning in the Magnetic Reconnection Layer of a Laboratory Plasma

Authors: Masaaki Yamada, Jongsoo Yoo, Jonathan Jara-Almonte, William Daughton, Hantao Ji, et al.

PPPL-5101 Abstract


Intense Ion Beam Neutralization using Underdense Background Plasma

Authors: William Berdanier, Prabir K. Roy, and Igor Kaganovich

PPPL-5102 Abstract


Parametric Study of a Divertor Cooling System for a Liquid-Metal Plasma-Facing Component

Authors: Andrei Khodak, Michael A. Jaworski

PPPL-5103 Abstract


Extending the Physics Basis of Quiescent H-mode toward ITER Relevant Parameters

Authors: W.M. Solomon, K.H. Burrell, M.E. Fenstermacher, A.M. Garofalo, B.A. Grierson, A. Loarte, G.R. McKee, R. Nazikian, and P.B. Snyder

PPPL-5104 Abstract


ULF Waves at Mercury

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, Scott A. Boardsen, Jay R. Johnson, and James A. Slavin

PPPL-5105 Abstract


Economic Feasibility of Plasma Filtering Techniques for Nuclear Waste Remediation

Authors: Renaud Gueroult, David T. Hobbs, and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-5106 Abstract


Global Modeling of ULF Waves at Mercury

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, Jay R. Johnson, Ernest Valeo, and Cynthia K. Phillips

PPPL-5107 Abstract


RX-Dependent Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation in the Edge of TCV

Authors: T. Stoltzfus-Dueck, A.N. Karpushov, O. Sauter, B.P. Duval, H. Reimerdes, W.A.J. Vijvers, the TCV Team, and Y. Camenen

PPPL-5108 Abstract


Comment on 'Symplectic Integration of Magnetic Systems': A Proof that the Boris Algorithm is Not Variational

Authors: C. Leland Ellison, J.W. Burby, and H. Qin

PPPL-5109 Abstract


A Gyrokinetic 1D Scrape-Off Layer Model of an ELM Heat Pulse

Authors: E.L. Shi, A.H. Hakim, and G.W. Hammett

PPPL-5110 Abstract


The Contribution of RF Rectification to Field-Aligned Losses of HHFW Power to the Divertor in NSTX

Authors: R.J. Perkins, J.C. Hosea, M.A. Jaworski, J-W. Ahn, A. Diallo, et al.

PPPL-5111 Abstract


Variations in Edge and SOL Turbulence in NSTX

Authors: S.J. Zweben, W.M. Davis, S.M. Kaye, J.R. Myra, R.E. Bell, B.P LeBlanc, R.J. Maqueda, T. Munsat, S.A. Sabbagh, Y. Sechrest, D.P. Stotler, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-5112 Abstract


Development of Variational Guiding Center Algorithms for Parallel Calculations in Experimental Magnetic Equilibria

Authors: C. Leland Ellison, J.M. Finn, H. Qin, and W.M. Tang

PPPL-5113 Abstract


Suppressed Gross Erosion of High-temperature Lithium via Rapid Deuterium Implantation

Authors: T. Abrams, M.A. Jaworski, M. Chen, E.A. Carter, R. Kaita, D.P. Stotler, G. De Temmerman, T.W. Morgan, M.A. van den Berg, H.J. van der Meiden

PPPL-5114 Abstract


Solder Development and Fabrication Techniques for Coolant Tube Bonding in Lengthy High Current Conductors

Authors: S.Z. Jurczynski and H. Schneider

PPPL-5115 Abstract


Progress toward Commissioning and Plasma Operation in NSTX-U

Authors: M. Ono, J. Chrzanowski, L. Dudek, S. Gerhardt, P. Heitzenroeder, R. Kaita, J.E.Menard, E. Perry, T. Stevenson, R. Strykowsky, P. Titus, A. von Halle, M. Williams

PPPL-5116 Abstract


Inferring Magnetospheric Heavy Ion Density using EMIC Waves

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, Jay R. Johnson, Hyomin Kim, and Dong-Hun Lee

PPPL-5117 Abstract


Thermal Island Destabilization and the Greenwald Limit

Authors: R.B. White, D.A. Gates, D.P. Brennan

PPPL-5118 Abstract


External vs Internal Triggering of Substorms: An Infomation-theoretical Approach

Authors: Jay R. Johnson, Simon Wing

PPPL-5119 Abstract


The Joint Influence of Albedo and Insulation on Roof Performance: An Observational Study

Authors: P. Ramamurthy, T. Sun, K. Rule, and E. Bou-Zeid

PPPL-5120 Abstract


Multispecies Density Peaking in Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulations of Low Collisionality Alcator C-Mod Plasmas

Authors: D.R. Mikkelsen, M. Bitter, L. Delgado-Aparicio, K.W. Hill, M. Greenwald, N. Howard, J.W. Hughes, J.E. Rice, M. Reinke, Y. Podpaly, Y. Ma, J. Candy, and R.E. Waltz

PPPL-5121 Abstract


Disruption Analysis of the Proposed K-DEMO Inner Blanket Support Structure

Authors: Peter H. Titus, H. Neilson, T Brown, K Kim

PPPL-5122 Abstract


PPPL ST-FNSF Engineering Design Details

Authors:    T. Brown, J. Menard, L. El Gueblay, A. Davis

PPPL-5123 Abstract


Spectral and Structural Stability Properties of Charged Particle
 Dynamics in Coupled Lattices

Authors: Hong Qin, Moses Chung, Ronald C. Davidson, Joshua W. Burby

PPPL-5124 Abstract


Simulations of Non-Inductive Current Ramp Up and
 Sustainment in the National Spherical Torus 
Experiment Upgrade

Authors: F. M. Poli, R.G. Andre, N. Bertelli, S.P. Gerhardt, D. Mueller, G. Taylor

PPPL-5125 Abstract


NSTX U Construction Related (Title III) Analysis Issues

Authors: Peter H. Titus, L. Dudek, M. Smith, A. Brooks

PPPL-5126 Abstract


The Fusion Nuclear Science Facility, the Critical Step
 in the Pathway to Fusion Energy

Authors: C. E. Kessel, J. P. Blanchard, A. Davis, L. El-Guebaly, N. Ghoniem, 
P. W. Humrickhouse, S. Malang, B. J. Merrill, N. B. Morley, G. H. Neilson, 
M. E. Rensink, T. D. Rognlien, A. F. Rowcliffe, S. Smolentsev, L. L. Snead,
 M. S. Tillack, P. Titus, L. M. Waganer, A. Ying, K. Young, Y. Zhai

PPPL-5127 Abstract


Three-Dimensional Drift Kinetic Response of High Beta Plasmas
 in the DIII-D Tokamak

Authors: Z.R. Wang, M.J. Lanctot, Y.Q. Liu, J-K. Park, and J.E. Menard

PPPL-5128 Abstract


 First Measurements of Hiro Currents in Vertical Displacement
 Event in Tokamaks

Authors: Hao Xiong, Guosheng Xu, Huiqian Wang, 
Leonid E. Zakharov, Xujing Li

PPPL-5129 Abstract


X-point Position Dependence of Edge Intrinsic Toroidal
 Rotation on TCV

Authors:  T. Stoltzfus-Dueck, A. N. Karpushov, O. Sauter, 
B. P. Duval, B. Labit, H. Reimerdes, W. A. J. Vijvers, 
Y. Camenen, and the TCV Team

PPPL-5130 Abstract


Canonical Symplectic Particle-in-Cell Method for Long-Term
 Large-Scale Simulations of the Vlasov-Maxwell System

Authors:  Hong Qin, Jian Liu, Jianyuan Xiao, Ruili Zhang, Yang He,
 Yulei Wang, Joshua W. Burby, Leland Ellison, Yao Zhou

PPPL-5131 Abstract


 The Tokamak Density Limit: a Thermo-resistive
 Disruption Mechanism

Authors:  D. A. Gates, D. P. Brennan, L. Delgado-Aparicio, R. B. White

PPPL-5132 Abstract


Tokamak Plasma High Field Side Response to an n = 3 
Magnetic Perturbation: A Comparison of 3D Equilibrium 
Solutions from Seven Different Codes

Authors:  A. Reiman, N.M. Ferraro, A. Turnbull, J.K. Park, A. Cerfon,
 T.E. Evans, M.J. Lanctot, E.A. Lazarus, Y. Liu, G. McFadden,
 D. Monticello, Y. Suzuki

PPPL-5133 Abstract


Defocusing of an ion beam propagating in background 
plasma due to two-stream instability

Authors:   Erinc Tokluoglu and Igor Kaganovich

PPPL-5134 Abstract


Dependence of Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity on the 
Poloidal Spectrum of Applied Nonaxisymmetric

Authors:  Nikolas C. Logan, Jong-Kyu Park, Carlos Paz-Soldan,
 Matthew J. Lanctot, Sterling P. Smith, K. H. Burrell

PPPL-5135 Abstract


One-dimensional kinetic description of nonlinear
 traveling-pulse (soliton) and traveling-wave disturbances
 in long coasting charged particle beams

Authors:  Ronald C. Davidson and Hong Qin

PPPL-5136 Abstract


Wall-touching kink mode calculations with the M3D code

Authors:   J.A. Breslau

PPPL-5137 Abstract


Investigation of ion and electron heat transport of 
high-Te ECH heated discharges in the 
Large Helical Device

Authors:  N.A. Pablant, S. Satake, M. Yokoyama, D.A. Gates, M. Bitter, N. Bertelli, 
L. Delgado-Aparicio, A. Dinklage, M. Goto, K.W. Hill, S. Igamai, S. Kubo, S. Lazerson,
 S. Matsuoka, D.R. Mikkelsen, S. Morita, T. Oishi, R. Seki, T. Shimozuma, C. Suzuki,
 Y. Suzuki, H. Takahashi, H. Yamada, Y. Yoshimura, and the LHD Experiment Group

PPPL-5138 Abstract


A New Vision for Fusion Energy Research:  Fusion Rocket Engines for Planetary Defense

Authors:  G.A. Wurden, T.E. Weber, P.J. Turchi, P.B. Parks, T.E. Evans, S.A. Cohen, J.T. Cassibry, E.M. Campbell

PPPL-5139 Abstract


Engineering Challenges for ITER Diagnostic Systems

Authors:  Russell Feder, Yuhu Zhai, Dave Johnson, Ali Zolfaghari, Rick Wood, 
Roger Reichle, Maarten DeBok, Van Graves, Chris Klepper, Ted Biewer, 
Bill Rowan, Perry Phillips

PPPL-5140 Abstract


Midplane neutral density profiles in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors:  D. P. Stotler, F. Scotti, R. E. Bell, and B. P. LeBlanc

PPPL-5141 Abstract


Coupling of Neutral-beam-driven Compressional 
Alfven Eigenmodes to Kinetic Alfven Waves 
in NSTX and Energy Channelling

Authors:  E. V. Belova, N. N. Gorelenkov, E. D. Fredrickson, K. Tritz, N. A. Crocker

PPPL-5142 Abstract


Steady-state benchmarks of DK4D: A time-dependent, 
axisymmetric drift-kinetic equation solvera

Authors:   B. C. Lyons, S. C. Jardin, and J. J. Ramos

PPPL-5143 Abstract


Lagrangian geometrical optics of nonadiabatic vector 
waves and spin particles

Authors:   D. E. Ruiz and I. Y. Dodin

PPPL-5144 Abstract


 On the correspondence between quantum and 
classical variational principles

Authors:   D. E. Ruiz and I. Y. Dodin

PPPL-5145 Abstract


Control and Data Acquisition Upgrades for NSTX-U

Authors:   W.M. Davis, G. J. Tchilinguirian, T. Carroll, K. G. Erickson,
 S. P. Gerhardt , P. Henderson, S. H. Kampel, 
P. Sichta, G. N. Zimmer

PPPL-5146 Abstract


Searching for Enhanced RF Field Amplitudes 
in the SOL Using a Simplified Cold-Plasma Model

Authors:   R.J. Perkins, J. C. Hosea, N. Bertelli, E.F. Jaeger, 
C. K. Phillips, G. Taylor, J. R. Wilson

PPPL-5147 Abstract


Generation of large-scale magnetic fields 
by small-scale dynamo in shear flows

Authors: J. Squire and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5148 Abstract


Heat flux viscosity in collisional magnetized plasmas

Authors:   C. Liu, W. Fox, and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5149 Abstract


Nonlinear frequency shift of electrostatic waves 
in general collisionless plasma:  unifying theory of
 fluid and kinetic nonlinearities

Authors:    C. Liu and I. Y. Dodin

PPPL-5150 Abstract


Optimization of the Angular Orientation for a Fast Ion Loss Detector in a Tokamak

Authors: D. S. Darrow

PPPL-5151 Abstract


 The Lithium Vapor Box Divertor

Authors:   R. J. Goldston, R. Myers, J. Schwartz

PPPL-5152 Abstract


MultiPhysics Engineering Analysis for ITER Diagnostic First Wall and Shield Module Design

Authors:   Y. Zhai, G. Loesser, M. Smith, W. Wang, V. Udintsev, T. Giacomin,
 A. Khodak, D. Johnson, R. Feder

PPPL-5153 Abstract


Coherent Non-Helical Shear Dynamos Driven by Magnetic Fluctuations at Low Reynolds Numbers

Authors:   J. Squire and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5154 Abstract


Ideal plasma response to vacuum magnetic fields with
 resonant magnetic perturbations in 
non-axisymmetric tokamaks

Authors:    Kimin Kim,  J. W. Ahn,  F. Scotti,  J. K. Park and J. E. Menard

PPPL-5155 Abstract


Engineering Optimization of Stellarator Coils Lead to Improvement in Device Maintenance

Authors:   T. Brown, J. Breslau, D. Gates, N. Pomphrey, A. Zolfaghari

PPPL-5156 Abstract


Additive Manufacturing of Steady-State Mirrors for the KSTAR ECH Launchers

Authors:   R. Ellis, J. Hosea

PPPL-5157 Abstract


Adaptation of General Purpose CFD Code for Fusion MHD Applications

Authors:   Andrei Khodak

PPPL-5158 Abstract


Using Acoustic Detectors to Monitor ITER ICH Transmission Lines Arc Events

Authors:   C. C. Kung, E. Fredd, N. Greenough, G. D’Amico, A. Castano, C. Brunkhorst, J. Hosea, R. H. Goulding, M. McCarthy, P. Pesavento, I. H. Campbell

PPPL-5159 Abstract


Lithium as a Plasma Facing Component to Optimize 
the Edge Plasma

Authors:   R. Maingi, R. Majeski, J.E. Menard, M.A. Jaworski, R. Kaita

PPPL-5160 Abstract


Lithium Granular Injector Operational Experience Triggering ELMs in H-Mode on DIII-D

Authors:   A. Nagy, A. Bortolon, E.P. Gilson, R. Lunsford, R. Maingi, D.K. Mansfield,
 A.L. Roquemore, C.P. Chrobak, G.L. Jackson

PPPL-5161 Abstract


Lessons Learned During The Procurement of the 
ITER Steady State Electrical Network Components
 by the US Domestic Agency

Authors:   C. Neumeyer, J. Dellas, J. Hourtoule, A. Das, S. Nair

PPPL-5162 Abstract


New DSP-Based Firing Generator For 
The PPPL AC/DC Converters

Authors:   W. Que, R. Mozulay, C. Neumeyer, J. Lawson, S. Ramakrishnan

PPPL-5163 Abstract


NSTX Upgrade Power Supply System

Authors:   W. Que, C. Neumeyer, S. Ramakrishnan, J. Lawson, R. Mozulay, 
X. Zhao, H. Schneider, K. Erickson

PPPL-5164 Abstract


NSTX Toroidal Field Coil Turn to Turn 
Short Detection

Authors:   S. Ramakrishnan, W. Que, Xin Zhao, C. Neumeyer

PPPL-5165 Abstract


Securing MDSplus for the NSTX-U
 Digital Coil Protection System

Authors:   Gregory J. Tchilinguirian, Keith G. Erickson

PPPL-5166 Abstract


Environmental Conditions & Loads of ITER Diagnostic
 Equipment in the Port Plug Interspace & Port Cell

Authors:   Wenping Wang, Russ Feder, Yuhu Zhai, Natalia Casal, Julio Guirao, 
Jonathan Klabacha, Allan Basile

PPPL-5167 Abstract


High Radiation Designs for
 Magnets in DT Fusion Reactors

Authors:   R. D. Woolley

PPPL-5168 Abstract


Design and Manufacture of DIII-D Neutral Beam Pole Shields with Copper Plates and 
Molybdenum Inserts

Authors:   I. Zatz, A. Khodak, P.Titus, A. Nagy, J. Winkleman, 
R. Nazikian, T. Scoville

PPPL-5169 Abstract


Electromagnetic Analysis of ITER Diagnostic Port Plugs 
and Diagnostic Systems during Plasma Events

Authors:   Y. Zhai, A. Brooks, R. Roccella, J. Guirao, M. Smith, 
G. D. Loesser, S. Pak, V. Udintsev, R. Feder, D. Johnson

PPPL-5170 Abstract


Thermal Radiation Analysis to Calculate the Temperature and Heat Load of Wendelstein 7-X
 Inertially Cooled Test Divertor Unit Scraper Element

Authors:  Han Zhang, Peter Titus, G. Douglas Loesser, Joris Fellinger

PPPL-5171 Abstract


The NSTX-U Digital Coil Protection System

Authors:   Gretchen Zimmer, John Dong, Ronald E. Hatcher

PPPL-5172 Abstract


Tensile Strain Mitigation During the NSTX-U Ohmic
 Heating (OH) Coil Cooldown

Authors:   Peter H. Titus, Neway Atnafu, A.Khodak, H. Zhang,
 Paul Fabian, Mark Haynes, and Kimiko Kano

PPPL-5173 Abstract


Analysis of ITER Upper Port Diagnostic First Walls

Authors:   M. Smith, Y. Zhai, G. Loesser, W. Wang, V. Udintsev, T. Giacomin, 
A. Khodak, D. Johnson, R. Feder, J. Klabaha

PPPL-5174 Abstract

Preliminary Neutronics Analysis of 
ITER Tip Diagnostic Corner Cube Retroreflectors

Authors:   K.R. Tresemer, R. Wood, R. Feder, L. Konkel Jr., J. Klabacha

PPPL-5175 Abstract

 Ion Temperature Effects on Magnetotail Alfven Wave
 Propagation and Electron Energization

Authors:   P.A. Damiano, J.R. Johnson, and C.C. Chaston

PPPL-5176 Abstract

Implementation of a 3D halo neutral model in the TRANSP code
 and application to projected NSTX-U plasmas 

Authors:   S.S. Medley, D. Liu, M.V. Gorelenkova, W.W. Heidbrink and L. Stagner

PPPL-5177 Abstract

A tutorial introduction to the
 statistical theory of turbulent plasmas,
 a half century after Kadomtsev’s Plasma Turbulence
 and the resonance-broadening theory of Dupree and Weinstock
Authors:   John A. Krommes

PPPL-5178 Abstract

 Design of Faraday Cup Ion Detectors 
Built by Thin Film Deposition

Authors:   G.A. Szalkowski, D.S. Darrow, F.E. Cecil

PPPL-5179 Abstract

Poloidal asymmetries in edge transport barriers

Authors:   R. M. Churchill, C. Theiler, B. Lipschultz, I. H. Hutchinson, M. L. Reinke, 
D. Whyte, J. W. Hughes, P. Catto, M. Landreman, D. Ernst, C. S. Chang, R.
 Hager, A. Hubbard, P. Ennever, J. R. Walk, and the Alcator C-Mod Team

PPPL-5180 Abstract

Numerical optimization of three-dimensional coils
 for NSTX-U

Authors:   S.A. Lazerson, J-K. Park, N. Logan, A. Boozer

PPPL-5181 Abstract

Energetically-consistent collisional gyrokinetics

Authors:   J. W. Burby, A. J. Brizard, and H. Qin

PPPL-5182 Abstract

Electromotive force due to magnetohydrodynamic 
fluctuations in sheared rotating turbulence

Authors:   J. Squire  and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5183 Abstract

A correlation between morphology 
of the carbonaceous deposit and the current distribution 
in the carbon arc discharge for nanosynthesis

Authors:   Yao-Wen Yeh, Yevgeny Raitses, and Nan Yao 

PPPL-5184 Abstract

Time-resolved laser-induced incandescence
 from multiwalled carbon nanotubes in air

Authors:   J.M. Mitrani and M.N. Shneider

PPPL-5185 Abstract

First-principle variational formulation of 
polarization effects in geometrical optics

Authors:   D. E. Ruiz and I. Y. Dodin

PPPL-5186 Abstract

The island coalescence problem: scaling of reconnection 
in extended fluid models including higher-order moments

Authors:   Jonathan Ng, Yi-Min Huang, Ammar Hakim, A. Bhattacharjee, Adam Stanier, William Daughton, Liang Wang, and Kai Germaschewski

PPPL-5187 Abstract

Atmospheric pressure arc discharge with ablating graphite anode

Authors:   V A Nemchinsky and Y Raitses

PPPL-5188 Abstract

Determination of Broken KAM Surfaces for Particle Orbits in
 Toroidal Confinement Systems

Authors:   R. B. White

PPPL-5189 Abstract

 Alpha heating in JET plasmas with sawteeth

Authors:   R.V. Budny  and JET contributors

PPPL-5190 Abstract

 A Predictive Model for the Greenwald Density Limit

Authors:   Q. Teng, D.P. Brennan, L. Delgado-Aparicio, D.A. Gates, J. Swerdlow and R.B. White

PPPL-5191 Abstract