Publication Reports For Fiscal Year 2014

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Optimization by Marker Removal for δ ƒ Particle Simulations

Authors: Wenjun Deng and Guo-Yong Fu

PPPL-4941 Abstract


Analysis of Continuously-rotating Quadrupole Focusing Channels using Generalized Courant-Snyder Theory

Authors: Moses Chung, Hong Qin, Erik Gilson, and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-4942 Abstract


Zonal Flow as Patter Formation

Authors: Jeffrey B. Parker and John A. Krommes

PPPL-4943 Abstract


Plasma Mass Filtering for Actinides / Lanthanides Separation

Authors: R. Gueroult and N.J .Fisch

PPPL-4944 Abstract


Report of the Study Group GK2 on Momentum Transport in Gyrokinetics

Authors: J.A. Krommes and G.W. Hammett

PPPL-4945 Abstract


Next Steps in Quasi-Axisymmetric Stellarator Research

Authors: G.H. Neilson, D.A. Gates, P.J. Heitzenroeder, J. Breslau, S.C. Prager, T. Stevenson, P. Titus, M.D. Williams, and M.C. Zarnstorff

PPPL-4946 Abstract


Nonlinear Stability of Laboratory Quasi-Keplerian Flows

Authors: E.M. Edlund and H. Ji

PPPL-4947 Abstract


Alignment of the Thomson Scattering Diagnostic on NSTX

Authors: B.P. LeBlanc and A. Diallo

PPPL-4948 Abstract


Negative Plasma Potential Relative to Electron-emitting Surfaces

Author: M.D. Campanell

PPPL-4949 Abstract


Three Dimensional Distortions of the Tokamak Plasma Boundary: II.
Boundary Displacements in the Presence of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations

Authors: I.T. Chapman, M. Becoulet, T. Bird, J. Canik, ... S. Lazerson, et al.

PPPL-4950 Abstract


The Physics of the Second-order Gyrokinetic MHD Hamiltonian: μ Conservation, Galilean Invariance, and Ponderomotive Potential

Author: J.A. Krommes

PPPL-4951 Abstract


The Physics Basis for an Advanced Physics and Advanced Technology Tokamak Power Plant Configuration, ARIES-ACT1

Authors: C.E. Kessel, F.M. Poli, K. Ghantous, N.N. Gorelenkov, M.E. Rensink,T.D. Rognlien, P.B. Snyder, H. St. John, A.D. Turnbull

PPPL-4952 Abstract


Non-axisymmetric Magneto-hydrodynamic Equilibrium in the Presence of Internal Magnetic Islands and External Magnetic Perturbation Coils

Authors: B.J. Tobias, M.E. Austin, I.G.J. Classen, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann,Jr., J-K Park, C. Paz-Soldan, A.D. Turnbull, L. Yu, and the DIII-D Team

PPPL-4953 Abstract


Three Dimensional Equilibrium Reconstruction on the DIII-D Device

Authors: S.A. Lazerson and the DIII-D Team

PPPL-4954 Abstract


External Heating and Current Drive Source Requirements towards Steady-state Operation in ITER

Authors: F.M. Poli, C.E. Kessel, P.T. Bonoli, D.B. Batchelor, R.W. Harvey and P.B. Snyder

PPPL-4955 Abstract


Design and Construction of Faraday Cup Ion Detectors using Thin Film Deposition

Authors: G.A. Szalkowski, D.S. Darrow, and F.E. Cecil

PPPL-4956 Abstract


Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity in Perturbed Equilibria with General Tokamak Geometry

Authors: Nikolas C. Logan, Jong-Kyu Park, Kimin Kim, Zhirui Wang and Joh W. Berkery

PPPL-4957 Abstract


Generation of Zonal Flows through Symmetry Breaking of Statistical Homogeneity

Authors: Jeffrey B. Parker and John A. Krommes

PPPL-4958 Abstract


On the Nature of Kinetic Electrostatic Election Nonlinear (KEEN) Waves

Authors: I.Y. Dodin and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4959 Abstract


Theory Verification and Numerical Bnchmarking on Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity Torque

Authors: Z. Wang, et. al.

PPPL-4960 Abstract


Emission Processes at the Deposit in the Carbon Arc Discharge for Nanotube Synthesis

Authors: J. Ng and Y. Raitses

PPPL-4961 Abstract


Field-line Resonance Structures in Mercury Multi-ion Magnetosphere

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, et. al

PPPL-4962 Abstract


Influence of Emitted Electrons Transiting Between Surfaces on Plasma-Surface Interaction

Authors: M.D. Capanell and H. Wang

PPPL-4963 Abstract


Active Radiative Liquid Lithium, Divertor Concept

Authors: Masayuki Ono, et. al.

PPPL-4964 Abstract


Simulation of Localized Fast-Ion Heat Loads in Test Blanket Module Simulation Experiments on DIII-D

Authors: G.J. Kramer, et. al.

PPPL-4965 Abstract


Understanding High Harmonics Ion Cyclotron Heating Losses in Scrape-off Layer of Tokamak Plasmass

Authors: N. Bertelli, et. al.

PPPL-4966 Abstract


PPPL Annual Site Environmental Report for Calendar Year 2012

Authors: Virginia Finley

PPPL-4967 Abstract


Adaptive Grids In Simulations of Toroidal Plasma Starting From Magneto-hydrodynamic Equilibrium

Authors: Xujing Li, et. al.

PPPL-4968 Abstract


Progress on Ion Cycloron Range of Frequencies (ICRF) Heating Physics and Technology in Support of the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER)

Authors: J.R. Wilson and P.T. Bonoli

PPPL-4969 Abstract


Development of an Electrostatic Detector for Tungsten Dust

Authors: Kenneth C. Hammond and Charles Skinner

PPPL-4970 Abstract


Response of a Partial Wall to an External Perturbation of Rotating Plasma

Authors: C.V. Atanasiu and L.E. Zakaharov

PPPL-4971 Abstract


Turbulent Optimization of Toroidal Configurations

Authors: H. Mynick, et. al.

PPPL-4972 Abstract


A Nonlinear PIC Algorithm for High Frequency Waves in Magnetized Plasmas Based On Gyrocenter Gauge Kinetic Theory

Authors: Jian Liu, Zhi Yu and Hong Qin

PPPL-4973 Abstract


Analytical Methods For Charged Particle Dynamics In Geneeral Focusing Lattices Using Geneeralized Courant-Snyder Theory

Authors: Hong Qin, Ronald C. Davidson, Joshua W. Buruy and Moses Chung

PPPL-4974 Abstract


Variational Integrators for Perturbed Non-Canonical Hamiltoniaan Systems

Authors: Joshua W. Burby, C.L. Ellison and H. Qin

PPPL-4975 Abstract


Initializing and Stabilizing Variational Multistep Algorithms for Modeling Dynamical Systems

Authors: C.L. Ellison J.W. Burby, J.M. Finn, H. Qin and W.M. Tang

PPPL-4976 Abstract


Energy-resolved X-ray Imaging For Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasmas: Measurement Of Impurity Concentration And Thermal And Non-Maxwellian Electron Distributions

Authors: Luis F. Delgado-Aparico, et. al.

PPPL-4977 Abstract


State of the Art Neoclassical Tearing Mode Control in DIII-D Using Real-time Steerable Electron Cyclotron Current Drive Launchers

Authors: Egemen Kolemen, et. al.

PPPL-4978 Abstract


Particle Heating and Acceleration During Magnetic Reeconnection in a Laboratory Plasma

Authors: Jonsoo Yoo, et. al.

PPPL-4979 Abstract


Response of Impurity Particle Confinement Time to External Acuators in QA-mode Plasmas on DIII-D

Authors: B.A. Grierson, et. al.

PPPL-4980 Abstract


The Double Well Mass Filter

Authors: Renaud Gueroult, Jean-Marcel Rax and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4981 Abstract


Nonmodal Growth Of The Magneto-rotational Instability

Authors: J. Squire and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-4982 Abstract


A New Class of Magnetic Confinement Device in the Shape of a Knot

Authors: Stuart Hudson, et. al.

PPPL-4983 Abstract


Observation Of Edge Instability Limiting The Pedestal Growth in Tokamak Plasmas

Authors: Ahmed Diallo, et. al.

PPPL-4984 Abstract


Suitability of 3D Printed Plastic Parts for Laboratory Use

Authors: Andrew P. Zwicker, Josh Bloom, Robert Albertson and Sophia Gersham

PPPL-4985 Abstract


Electrostatic Detection of Stainless Steel Dust Particles For Fusion Applications

Authors: P. Landy, C.H. Skinner and H. Schnieder

PPPL-4986 Abstract


Kinetic Neoclassical Transport In The H-mode Pedestal

Authors: Devon Battaglia, et. al.

PPPL-4987 Abstract


Linear Mode Conversion of Langmuir/z-mode Waves To Radiation In Plasmas With Various Magnetic Field Strength

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, Iver H. Cairns and Jay R. Johnson

PPPL-4988 Abstract


The Effects Of Finite Electron Temperature And Diffraction On Lower Hybrid Wave Propagation

Authors: J.C. Wright and N. Bertelli

PPPL-4989 Abstract


Estimation of Heavy Ion Densities From Linearly Polarized EMIC Waves At Earth

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, Jay R. Johnson and Dong-Hun Lee

PPPL-4990 Abstract


Experimental Test Of Whether Electrostatically Charged Micro-organisms And Their Spores Contribute To The Onset Of Arcs Across Vacuum Gaps

Authors: L.R. Grisham, A. vonHalle, A.F. Carpe, K.R. Gilton, Guy Rossi and T.N. Stevenson

PPPL-4991 Abstract


Aerodynamic Focusing Of High-Density Aerosols

Authors: D.E. Ruiz, N.J. Fisch, et. al.

PPPL-4992 Abstract


The Virtual-casing Principle For 3D Toroidal Systems

Authors: S.A. Lazerson

PPPL-4993 Abstract


Edge Equilibrium Code (EEC) For Tokamaks

Authors: Xujing Li, Leonid E. Zakharov, and Vladimir V. Drozdov

PPPL-4994 Abstract


On The Toroidal Plasma Rotation Induced By Lower Hybrid Waves

Authors: Xiaoyin Guan, et. al.

PPPL-4995 Abstract


Multi-threaded GPU Acceleration of ORBIT with Minimal Code Modifications

Authors: Ante Qu, Stephane Ethier, Eliot Feibush and Roscoe White

PPPL-4996 Abstract


Canonicalization And Symplectic Simulation Of The Gyrocenter Dynamics In Time-independent Magnetic Fields

Authors: Ruili Zhang, Jian Liu, Yifa Tang, Hong Qin, Jianyuan Xiao and Beibei Zhu

PPPL-4997 Abstract


Enhanced Efficiency Of Internal Combustion Engines By Employing Spinning Gas

Authors: Vasily Geyko and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4998 Abstract


Effect of Deuterium Gas Puff On The Edge Plasma In NSTX

Authors: S.J. Zweben, et. al.

PPPL-4999 Abstract


TRANSP Tests Of TGLF and Predictions For ITER

Authors: Robert Budny, et. al.

PPPL-5000 Abstract


Self-organisation Processes In The Carbon ARC For Nanosynthis

Authors: Jonathan Ng and Y. Raitses

PPPL-5001 Abstract


Reduced Fast Ion Transport Model For The Tokamak Transport Code TRANSP

Authors: Mario Podesta, M. Gorelenkova and R.B. White

PPPL-5002 Abstract


Comment on "Mode Conversion of Waves In The Ion-Cyclotron Frequency Range in Magnetospheric Plasmas"

Authors: Eun Kim and Jay R. Johnson

PPPL-5003 Abstract


Ponderomotive Forces On Waves In Modulated Media

Authors: I.Y. Dodin and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-5004 Abstract


Electromagnetic Analysis for the Design of ITER Diagnostic Port Plugs during Plasma Disruptions

Authors: Y. Zhai, R. Feder, A. Brooks, M. Ulrickson, C.S. Pitcher and G.D. Loesser

PPPL-5005 Abstract


The Physics Basis For An Advanced Physics And Advanced Technology Tokamak Power Plant Configuration, ARIES-ACT1

Authors: Charles E. Kessel, et. al.

PPPL-5006 Abstract


The Physics of Basis For A Conservative Physics And Conservative Technology Tokamak Power Plant, ARIES-ACT2

Authors: Charles E. Kessel, and F.M. Poli

PPPL-5007 Abstract


ARIES Advanced And Conservative Tokamak (ACT) Power Plant Study

Authors: Charles E. Kessel, et. al.

PPPL-5008 Abstract



PPPL-500 Abstract


Runaway Generation In Disruptions Of Plasmas In TFTR

Authors: E.D. Fredrickson, M.G. Bell, G. Taylor, S.S. Medley

PPPL-5010 Abstract


Parametric Dependence Of Fast-ion Transport Events On The National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: E.D. Fredrickson, N.N. Gorelenkov, M. Podesta, A. Bortolon, S.P. Gerhardt, R.E. Bell, A. Diallo and B. LeBlanc

PPPL-5011 Abstract


Safety Culture And Best Practices At Japan's Fusion Research Facilities

Authors: K. Rule, L. Cadwallader, M. King, Y. Takase, Y. Oshima, K. Nishimura, and A. Sukegawa

PPPL-5012 Abstract


Experimental Observation Of 3-D, Impulsive Reconnection Events In A Laboratory Plasma

Authors: S. Dorfman, H. Ji, M. Yamada, J. Yoo, E. Lawrence, C. Myers and T.D. Tharp

PPPL-5013 Abstract


Equilibrium Spline Interface (ESI) For Magnetic Confinement Codes

Authors: Xujing Li and Leonid E. Zakharov

PPPL-5014 Abstract


Three Dimensional Distortions Of The Tokamak Plasma Boundary: II. Boundary Displacements In The Presence Of Resonanat Magnetic Perturbations

Authors: IT Chapman, S. Lazerson, et. al.

PPPL-5015 Abstract


Geometric View On Noneikonal Waves

Authors: I.Y. Dodin

PPPL-5016 Abstract


BEAMS3D Neutral Beam Injection Model

Authors: Matthew McMillan and Samuel Lazerson

PPPL-5017 Abstract


Laboratory Study Of Magnetic Reconnection With A Density Asymmetry Across The Current Sheet

Authors: Jongsoo Yoo, Masaaki Yamada, Hantao Ji, Clayton E. Myers, Jonathan Jara-Almonte and Li-Jen Chen

PPPL-5018 Abstract


Quasilinear Carbon Transport In An Impurity Hole Plasma In LHD

Authors: David Mikkelsen, et. al.

PPPL-5019 Abstract


Energetic Particle Physics In Fusion Research In Preparation For Burning Plasma Experiments

Authors: N.N. Gorelenkov

PPPL-5020 Abstract


What Is The Fate Of Runaway Positrons In Tokamaks

Authors: Jian Liu, Hong Qin, Nathaniel J. Fisch, Qian Teng and Xiaogang Wang

PPPL-5021 Abstract


Two-stream Instability With Time-dependent Drift Velocity

Authors: Hong Qin,and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-5022 Abstract


Field Theory And Weak Euler-Langrange Equation For Classical Particle-field Systems

Authors: Hong Qin, Joshua W. Burby and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-5023 Abstract


A Megawatt-level 28 GHz Heating System For The National Spherical Torus Experiment Upgrade

Authors: G. Taylor, et. al.

PPPL-5024 Abstract


The Status of USITER Diagnostic Port Plug Neutronics Analysis Using Attila

Authors: Russell Feder, et. al.

PPPL-5025 Abstract


Status Of The Design Of The ITER ECE Diagnostic

Authors: G. Taylor, et. al.

PPPL-5026 Abstract


Inferring Magnetospheric Heavy Ion Density Using EMIC Waves

Authors: Eun-Hwa Kim, J.R. Johnson, H. Kim and Dong-Hun Lee

PPPL-5028 Abstract


Safety Culture And Best Practices At Japan's Research Facilities

Authors: Keith Rule, et. al.

PPPL-5029 Abstract


Recent Progress on Spherical Torus Research

Authors: M. Ono and R. Kaita

PPPL-5030 Abstract


Progress In Understanding The Enhanced Pedestal H-mode In NSTX

Authors: Stefan Gerhardt, et. al.

PPPL-5031 Abstract


Magnetic Diagnostics For Equilibrium Reconstruction And Realtime Plasma Control In NSTX-Upgrade

Authors: Stefan Gerhardt, et. al.

PPPL-5032 Abstract


Development and Operation of High-throughput Accurate-wavelength Lens-based Spectrometer

Author: Ronald E. Bell

PPPL-5033 Abstract


Error field and magnetic diagnostic modeling for W7-X

Authors: S.A. Lazerson, D.A. Gates, H. Neilson, M. Otte, S. Bozhenkov, T.S. Pedersen, J. Geiger, and J. Lore

PPPL-5034 Abstract


Understanding Ion Cyclotron Harmonic Fast Wave Heating Losses in the Scrape Off Layer of Tokamak Plasmas

Authors: N. Bertelli, E.F. Jaeger, J.C. Hosea, C.K. Phillips, L. Berry, P.T. Bonoli, S.P. Gerhardt, D. Green, B. LeBlanc, R.J. Perkins, P.M. Ryan, G. Taylor1, E.J. Valeo, J.R. Wilson and J.C. Wright

PPPL-5035 Abstract


Predictions of VRF on a Langmuir Probe under the RF Heating Spiral on the Divertor Floor on NSTX-U

Authors: J.C. Hosea, R.J. Perkins, M.A. Jaworski, G.J. Kramer, J-W Ahn, et al.

PPPL-5036 Abstract


The ITER 3D Magnetic Diagnostic Response to Applied n=3 and n=4 RMP's

Author: S.A. Lazerson

PPPL-5037 Abstract


High-resolution Tangential AXUV Arrays for Radiated Power Density Measurements on NSTX-U

Authors: L. Delgado-Aparicio, R.E. Bell, I. Faust, K. Tritz, A. Diallo, S.P. Gerhardt, T.A. Kozub, B.P. LeBlanc, and B.C. Stratton

PPPL-5038 Abstract


Dependence of Recycling and Edge Profiles on Lithium Evaporation in High Triangularity, High Performance NSTX H-mode Discharges

Authors: R. Maingi, T.H. Osborne, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, D.P. Boyle, J.M. Canik, A. Dialla,R. Kaita, S.M. Kaye, H.W. Kugel, B.P. LeBlanc, S.A. Sabbagh, C.H. Skinner, V.A.Soukhanovskii, and the NSTX team

PPPL-5039 Abstract


Hybrid Molten Salt Reactor (HMSR) System Study

Authors: Robert D. Woolley, and Laurence F. Miller

PPPL-5040 Abstract


Enhanced Confinement Scenarios without Large Edge Localized Modes in Tokamaks:
Control, Performance, and Extrapolability Issues for ITER

Author: R. Maingi

PPPL-5041 Abstract


In-situ Measurement of Low-Z Material Coating Thickness on High Z Substrate for Tokamaks

Authors: D. Mueller, A.L. Roquemore, M. Jaworski, C.H. Skinner, J. Miller, A. Creely, P. Raman, and D. Ruzic

PPPL-5042 Abstract


Access to a New Plasma Edge State with High Density and Pressures using Quiescent H-mode

Authors: W.M. Solomon, P.B. Snyder, K.H. Burrell, M.E. Fenstermacher, A.M. Garofalo, B.A. Grierson, A. Loarte, G.R. McKee, R. Nazikian, and T.H. Osborne

PPPL-5043 Abstract


NSTX-U Digital Coil Protection System Software Detailed Design

Authors: Keith G. Erickson, Gregory J. Tchilinguirian, Ronald E. Hatcher, William M. Davis

PPPL-5044 Abstract


NSTX-U Control System Upgrades

Authors: K.G. Erickson, D.A. Gates, S.P. Gerhardt, J.E. Lawson, R. Mozulay, P. Sichta, G.J. Tchilinguirian

PPPL-5045 Abstract


NSTX-U Advances in Real-time C++11 on Linux

Author: Keith G. Erickson

PPPL-5046 Abstract


Phase-locking of Magnetic Islands Diagnosed by ECE-Imaging

Authors: B. Tobias, B.A. Grierson, C.M. Muscatello, X. Ren, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., S.E. Zemedkun, T.L. Munsat, and I.G.J. Classen

PPPL-5047 Abstract


Tomographic Inversion Techniques Incorporating Physical Constraints for Line Integrated Spectroscopy in Stellarators and Tokamaks

Authors: N.A. Pablant, R.E. Bell, M. Bitter, L. Delgado-Aparicio, K.W. Hill, S. Lazerson, and S. Morita

PPPL-5048 Abstract


Measurement of Core Plasma Temperature and Rotation on W7-X made available by the X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer (XICS)

Authors: N.A. Pablant, M. Bitter, R. Burhenn, L. Delgado-Aparicio, R. Ellis, D. Gates, M. Goto, K.W. Hill, A. Langenberg, S. Lazerson, M. Mardenfeld, S. Morita, G. H. Neilson, T. Oishi and T.S. Pedersen

PPPL-5049 Abstract


Conversion of Magnetic Energy in the Magnetic Reconnection Layer of a Laboratory Plasma

Authors: Masaaki Yamada, Jongsoo Yoo, Jonathan Jara-Almonte, Hantao Ji, Russell M. Kulsrud, and Clayton E. Myers

PPPL-5050 Abstract


Magnetorotational Instability: Non-modal Growth and the Relationship of Global Modes to the Shearing Box

Authors: J. Squire and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5051 Abstract


Fusion Utility in the Knudsen Layer

Authors: Seth Davidovits, and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-5052 Abstract


Variational Integration for Ideal MHD with Built-in Advection Equations

Authors: Yao Zhou, Hong Qin, J.W. Burby and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5053 Abstract


Enhanced Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engines by Employing Spinning Gas

Authors: V.I. Geyko and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-5054 Abstract


Understanding Irreversible Degradation of Nb3Sn Wires with Fundamental Fracture Mechanics

Authors: Yuhu Zhai, Ciro Calzolaio, and Carmine Senatore

PPPL-5055 Abstract


Optimal Shielding for Minimum Materials Cost of Mass

Author: Robert D. Woolley

PPPL-5056 Abstract


The Suitability of 3D Printed Plastic Parts for Laboratory Use

Authors: Andrew P. Zwicker, Josh Bloom, Robert Albertson, and Sophia Gershman

PPPL-5057 Abstract


Suppression of Energetic Particle Driven Instabilities with HHFW Heating

Authors: E. D. Fredrickson, G. Taylor, N. Bertelli, D. S. Darrow, N. Gorelenkov, G. Kramer, D. Liu, N.A. Crocker, S. Kubota, R. White

PPPL-5058 Abstract


Addressing the Challenges of Plasma-Surface Interactions in NSTX-U

Authors: R. Kaita, T. Abrams, M. Jaworski, M. Lucia, J. Nichols, C. H. Skinner, D. Stotler, J-P. Alain, F. Bedoya, and the NSTX-U Team

PPPL-5059 Abstract


Statistical Simulation of the Magnetorotational Dynamo

Authors: J. Squire and A. Bhattacharjee

PPPL-5060 Abstract


Coupling of a-channeling to |k||| Upshift in Lower Hybrid Current Drive

Authors: I.E. Ochs, N. Bertelli, and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-5061 Abstract


Reduced Model Prediction of Electron Temperature Profiles in Microtearing-dominated National Spherical Torus eXperiment Plasmas

Authors: S.M. Kaye , W. Guttenfelder, R.E. Bell , S.P. Gerhardt, B.P. LeBlanc, and R. Maingi

PPPL-5062 Abstract


The Dependence of the Strength and Thickness of Field-Aligned Currents on Solar Wind and Ionospheric Parameters

Authors: Jay R. Johnson and Simon Wing

PPPL-5063 Abstract


Direct Fusion Drive for a Human Mars Orbital Mission

Authors: Michael Paluszek, Gary Pajer, Yosef Razin, James Slonaker, Samuel Cohen, Russ Feder, Kevin Griffin, and Matthew Walsh

PPPL-5064 Abstract


Magnetic Diagnostics for Equilibrium Reconstructions with Eddy Currents on the Lithium Tokamak Experiment

Authors: J.C. Schmitt, J. Bialek, S. Lazerson, and R. Majeski

PPPL-5065 Abstract


Physics and Engineering Assessments of the K-DEMO Magnet Configuration

Authors: G.H. Neilson, T. Brown, K. Im, C. Kessel, K. Kim, P. Titus, Y. Zhai

PPPL-5066 Abstract


A New Spectrometer Design for the X-ray Spectroscopy of Laser-produced Plasmas with High (sub-ns) Time Resolution

Authors: M. Bitter, K. W. Hill, P. C. Efthimion, L. Delgado-Aparicio, N. Pablant, Jian Lu, P. Beiersdorfer, and Hui Chen

PPPL-5067 Abstract


Annual Site Environmental Report

Authors: V. Finley

PPPL-5068 Abstract