[76]Publication Reports For Fiscal Year[2007]

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On High-frequency Gyrokinetics in Magnetically-confined Plasmas

Authors: R.A. Kolesnikov, W.W. Lee, H. Qin, and E. Startsev

PPPL-4186 Abstract


Reference Lithium Deposition on NSTX Plasma Facing Components by LITER–1 Evaporator

Authors: L.E. Zakharov, H.W. Kugel, A.L. Roquemore, and C.H. Skinner

PPPL-4187 Abstract


Progress in the Construction of NCSX

Authors: G. Neilson, B. Nelson, N. Pomphrey, W. Reiersen, A. Boozer, A. Brooks, T. Brown, M. Cole, L. Dudek, J. Chrzanowski, H.M. Fan, P. Fogarty, E. Fredrickson, G. Gettelfinger, P. Goranson, P. Heitzenroeder, E. Lazarus, J. Lyon, F. Malinowski, S. Raftopoulos, B. Stratton, R. Simmons, R. Strykowsky, M. Viola, M. Williams, D. Williamson, and M. Zarnstorff

PPPL-4188 Abstract


High Frequency Shear Alfvén Instability driven by Circulating Energetic Ions in NSTX

Authors: Ya. I. Kolesnichenko, R.B. White, and Yu.V. Yakovenko

PPPL-4189 Abstract


Magnetic Energy Release during the 2002 September 9 Solar Flare

Authors: Jeongwoo Lee, Dale E. Gary, and G.S. Choe

PPPL-4190 Abstract


Edge Turbulence Measurements in Toroidal Fusion Devices

Authors: S.J. Zweben, J.A. Boedo, O. Grulke, C. Hidalgo, B. LaBombard, R.J. Maqueda, P. Scarin, and J.L. Terry

PPPL-4191 Abstract


Simulation of the Hybrid and Steady State Advanced Operating Modes in ITER

Authors: C.E. Kessel, G. Giruzzi, A.C.C. Sips, R.V. Budny, J.F. Artaud, V. Basiuk, F. Imbeaux, E. Joffrin, M. Schneider, T. Luce, M. Murakami, Holger St. John, T. Oikawa, N. Hayashi, T. Takizuka, T. Ozeki, Y-S. Na, J.M. Park, J. Garcia, A.A. Tucillo

PPPL-4192 Abstract


Experimental Simulations of Beam Propagation over Large Distances in a Compact Linear Paul Trap

Authors: Erik P. Gilson, Moses Chung, Ronald C. Davidson, Mikhail Dorf, Philip C. Efthimion, and Richard Majeski


PPPL-4193 Abstract


Atomic Physics in ITER — The Foundation for the Next Step to Fusion Power

Authors: D.P. Stotler, R.E. Bell, K.W. Hill, D.W. Johnson, and F.M. Levinton

PPPL-4194 Abstract


Linear Comparison of Gyrokinetic Codes with Trapped Electrons

Authors: G. Rewoldt, Z. Lin, and Y. Idomura

PPPL-4195 Abstract


Configuration Optimization and Physics Basis for ARIES-CS

Authors: L.P. Ku, J.F. Lyon, and the ARIES Team

PPPL-4196 Abstract


Stabilization of the Quasi-interchange Mode in Tokamaks by Circulating Energetic Ions

Authors: Ya.I. Kolesnichenko, V.V. Lutsenko, V.S. Marchenko, and R.B. White

PPPL-4197 Abstract


Characterization of Small, Type V ELMs in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: R. Maingi, M.G. Bell, E.D. Fredrickson, K.C. Lee, R.J. Maqueda, P. Snyder, et al.

PPPL-4198 Abstract


Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Cylindrical Hall Thrusters

Authors: Artem Smirnov, Yegeny Raitses, and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4199 Abstract


Derivatives of the Local Ballooning Growth Rate with Respect to Surface Label, Field Line Label and Ballooning Parameter

Author: S.R. Hudson

PPPL-4200 Abstract

PPPL-4201 is available in pdf format (256 KB).

Effects of Energetic Beam Ions on Stability Properties of Field-reversed Configurations

Authors: E.V. Belova, R.C. Davidson, H. Ji, M. Yamada, and S. Gerhardt

PPPL-4201 Abstract

PPPL-4202 is available in pdf format (10.1 MB).

Recent Developments in Electron Cyclotron Emission Research on Magnetically Confined Plasmas

Author: Gary Taylor

PPPL-4202 Abstract


Novel Design Methods for Magnetic Flux Loops in NCSX, the National Compact Stellarator Experiment

Authors: N. Pomphrey, E. Lazarus, M. Zarnstorff, A. Boozer, and A. Brooks

PPPL-4203 Abstract

PPPL-4204 is available in pdf format (1.6 MB).

Investigation of MHD Phenomena in NSTX using a Fast Soft X-Ray Imaging Camera

Authors: C.E. Bush, B.C. Stratton, J. Robinson, L.E. Zakharov, E. Fredrickson, D. Stutman, and K. Tritz

PPPL-4204 Abstract


Assessment of Transport in NCSX

Authors: D.R. Mikkelsen, H. Maassberg, M.C. Zarnstorff, C.D. Beidler, W.A. Houlberg, W. Kernbichler, H. Mynick, D.A. Spong, P. Strand, and V. Tribaldos

PPPL-4205 Abstract

PPPL-4206 is available in pdf format (366 KB).

Transport Physics of Hybrid Scenario Plasmas in the International Multi-Tokamak Database and Implications for ITER

Authors: R.V. Budny, C.E. Kessel, J.E. Kinsey, F. Imbeaux, I. Voitsekhovitch, J. Candy, R.E. Waltz, T. Fujita, C.M. Greenfield, M. Murakami, A.C.C. Sips, W.A. Houlberg, E.J. Doyle, for the ITPA Topical Group on Transport Physics and the ITPA Profile Database Working Group

PPPL-4206 Abstract


Plasma Start-up In NSTX Using Transient CHI

Authors: R. Raman, T.R. Jarboe, D. Mueller, B.A. Nelson, M.G. Bell, M. Ono, T. Bigelow, R. Kaita, B. LeBlanc, R. Maqueda, J. Menard, S. Paul, L. Roquemore, and The NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4207 Abstract


Energy Confinement Scaling in the Low Aspect Ratio National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)

Authors: S.M. Kay, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, E.D. Fredrickson, B.P. LeBlanc, K.C. Lee, S. Lynch, and S.A. Sabbagh

PPPL-4208 Abstract

PPPL-4209 is available in pdf format (1 MB).

A High-order Implicit Finite Element Method for Integrating the Extended-magneto-hydrodynamic Equations in Two Dimensions

Authors: S.C. Jardin, J. Breslau, and N. Ferraro

PPPL-4209 Abstract

PPPL-4210 is available in pdf format (994 kB).

Discrete Compressional Alfvén Eigenmode Spectrum in Tokamaks

Authors: N.N. Gorelenkov, E.D. Fredrickson, W.W. Heidbrink, N.A. Crocker, S. Kubota, and W.A. Peebles

PPPL-4210 Abstract


Overview of Recent Physics Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)

Authors: J.E. Menard, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, S. Bernabei, J. Bialek, T. Biewer, and W. Blanchard, et al.

PPPL-4211 Abstract


Efficient Generation of Closed Magnetic Flux Surfaces in a Large Spherical Tokamak Using Coaxial Helicity Injection

Authors: R. Raman, B.A. Nelson, M.G. Bell, T.R. Jarboe, D. Mueller, T. Bigelow, B. LeBlanc, R. Maqueda, J. Menard, M. Ono, and R. Wilson

PPPL-4212 Abstract


Collective Temperature Anisotropy Instabilities in Intense Charged Particle Beams

Authors: Edward A. Startsev, Ronald C. Davidson, and Hong Qin

PPPL-4213 Abstract

PPPL-4214 is available in pdf format (2 MB).

Equilibrium and Flux Surface Issues in the Design of NCSX

Authors: A. Reiman, S. Hirshman, S. Hudson, D. Monticello, P. Rutherford, A. Boozer, A. Brooks, R. Hatcher, L. Ku, E.A. Lazarus, H. Neilson, D. Strickler, R. White, and M. Zarnstorff

PPPL-4214 Abstract

PPPL-4215 is available in pdf format (496 KB).

Hydrodynamic Turbulence Cannot Transport Angular Momentum Effectively in Astrophysical Disks

Authors: Hantao Ji, Michael Burin, Ethan Schartman, and Jeremy Goodman

PPPL-4215 Abstract


Tearing Mode Stability of Model Plasmas in the National Compact Stellarator Experiment

Authors: E.D. Fredrickson, M.C. Zarnstorff, and E.A. Lazarus

PPPL-4216 Abstract


Kinetic Effects in a Hall Thruster Discharge

Authors: I.D. Kaganovich, Y. Raitses, D. Sydorenko, and A. Smolyakov

PPPL-4217 Abstract


Low Recycling Regime in ITER and the LiWall Concept for its Divertor

Authors: L.E. Zakharov, W. Blanchard, R. Kaita, H. Kugel, R. Majeski, and J. Timberlake

PPPL-4218 Abstract


Nonlinear Ponderomotive Force by Low Frequency Waves and Nonresonant Current Drive

Authors: Zhe Gao, Nathaniel J. Fisch, and Hong Qin

PPPL-4219 Abstract


3D Modeling of the Sawtooth Instability in a Small Tokamak

Authors: J.A. Breslau, S.C. Jardin, and W. Park

PPPL-4220 Abstract


Advanced Fuelling System for use as a Burn Control Tool in a Burning Plasma Device

Author: Roger Raman

PPPL-4221 Abstract


Bishop-Taylor Equilibrium and Equilibrium Reconstruction Codes

Authors: Joshua B. Kallman and Leonid E. Zakharov

PPPL-4222 Abstract


Effects of Finite Pulse Length, Magnetic Field, and Gas Ionization on Ion Beam Pulse Neutralization by Background Plasma

Authors: Igor D. Kaganovich, Adam B. Sefkow, Edward A. Startsev, Ronald C. Davidson, and Dale R. Welch

PPPL-4223 Abstract


Geometric Gyrokinetic Theory for Edge Plasmas

Authors: H. Qin, R.H. Cohen, W.M. Nevins, and X.Q. Xu

PPPL-4224 Abstract


Extremely Low Recycling and High Power Density Handling in CDX-U Lithium Experiments

Authors: R. Kaita, R. Majeski, R. Doerner, T. Gray, H. Kugel, T. Lynch, R. Maingi, D. Mansfield, V. Soukhanovskii, J. Spaleta, J. Timberlake, and L. Zakharov

PPPL-4225 Abstract


Eigenvalue Problems for Beltrami Fields Arising in a 3-D Toroidal MHD Equilibrium Problem

Authors: S.R. Hudson, M.J. Hole, and R.L. Dewar

PPPL-4226 Abstract


Effects of non-Maxwellian Electron Velocity Distribution Function on Two-stream Instability in Low-pressure Discharges

Authors: D. Sydorenko, A. Smolyakov, I. Kaganovich, and Y. Raitses

PPPL-4227 Abstract


Zonal Flows in Toroidal Systems

Authors: H.E. Mynick and A.H. Boozer

PPPL-4228 Abstract


Formation of Collisionless High-β Plasmas by Odd-parity Rotating Magnetic Fields

Authors: S.A. Cohen, B. Berlinger, C. Brunkhorst, A. Brooks, N. Ferraro, D.P. Lundberg, A. Roach, and A.H. Glasser

PPPL-4229 Abstract


Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Theory of Toroidal Momentum Pinch

Authors: T.S. Hahm, P.H. Diamond, O.D. Gurcan, and G. Rewoldt

PPPL-4230 Abstract


Finite Larmor Radius Effects on the Magnetorotational Instability

Author: Nathaniel M. Ferraro

PPPL-4231 Abstract


Transient Coaxial Helicity Injection for Solenoid-free Plasma Startup in HIT-II

Authors: R. Raman, T.R. Jarboe, W.T. Hamp, A.J. Redd, B.A. Nelson, R.G. O'Neill, P.E. Sleck, and R.J. Smith

PPPL-4232 Abstract


Low Recycling and High Power Density Handling Physics in CDX-U with Lithium Plasma-facing Components

Authors: R. Kaita, R. Majeski, T. Gray, H. Kugel, D. Mansfield, J. Spaleta, J. Timberlake, L. Zakharov, R. Doerner, T. Lynch, R. Maingi, and V. Soukhanovskii

PPPL-4233 Abstract


On 1D Diffusion Problems with a Gradient-dependent Diffusion Coefficient

Authors: S.C. Jardin, G. Bateman, G.W. Hammett, L.P. Ku

PPPL-4234 Abstract


Status of Recent Experimental and Analytical Investigation of MHD-induced Energetic Ion Redistribution or Loss in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: S.S. Medley, R. Andre, R.E. Bell, D.S. Darrow, E.D. Fredrickson, N.N. Gorelenkov, S.M. Kaye, F.M. Levinton, B.P. LeBlanc, J.E. Menard, D. Stutman, A.L. Roquemore, K. Tritz, H. Yuh, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4235 Abstract


Nonlocal Properties of Gyrokinetic Turbulence and Role of E x B Flow Shear

Authors: W.X. Wang, T.S. Hahm, W.W. Lee, G. Rewoldt, J. Manickam, and W.M. Tang

PPPL-4236 Abstract


The Scaling of Electron and Ion Transport in the High-power Spherical Torus NSTX

Authors: S.M. Kaye, R.E. Bell, D. Gates, B.P. LeBlanc, F.M. Levinton, J.E. Menard, D. Mueller, G. Rewoldt, S.A. Sabbagh, W. Wang, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4237 Abstract


Confinement and Local Transport in the National Spherical Torus Experiment NSTX

Authors: S.M. Kaye, F.M. Levinton, D. Stutman, K. Tritz, H. Yuh, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, C.W. Domier, D. Gates, W. Horton, J. Kim, B.P. LeBlanc, N.C. Luhmann Jr., R. Maingi, E. Mazzucato, J.E. Menard, D. Mikkelsen, D. Mueller, H. Park, G. Rewoldt, S.A. Sabbagh, D.R. Smith, and W. Wang

PPPL-4238 Abstract


Computation of Three Dimensional Tokamak and Spherical Torus Equilibria

Authors: Jong-kyu Park, Allen H. Boozer, and Alan H. Glasser

PPPL-4239 Abstract


Enhanced Performance of Cylindrical Hall Thrusters

Authors: Y. Raitses, A. Smirnov, and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4240 Abstract


Pressure-induced Breaking of Equilibrium Flux Surfaces in the W7AS Stellarator

Authors: A. Reiman, M.C. Zarnstorff, D. Monticello, A. Weller, J. Geiger, and the W7-AS Team

PPPL-4241 Abstract


Progress in Understanding Magnetic Reconnection in Laboratory and Space Astrophysical Plasmas

Author: Masaaki Yamada

PPPL-4242 Abstract


Non-inductive Solenoid-less Plasma Current Start-up in NSTX Using Transient CHI

Authors: R. Raman, D. Mueller, T.R. Jarboe, B.A. Nelson, M.G. Bell, M. Ono, T. Bigelow, R. Kaita, B. LeBlanc, K.C. Lee, R. Maqueda, J. Menard, S. Paul, and L. Roquemore

PPPL-4243 Abstract


Te (R,t) Measurements using Electron Bernstein Wave Thermal Emission on NSTX

Authors: S.J. Diem, G. Taylor, P.C. Efthimion, B.P. LeBlanc, M. Carter, J. Caughman, J.B. Wilgen, R.W. Harvey, J. Preinhaelter, and J. Urban

PPPL-4244 Abstract


Stochastic Ion Heating in a Field-reversed Configuration Geometry by Rotating Magnetic Fields

Authors: S.A. Cohen, A.S. Landsman, and A.H. Glasser

PPPL-4245 Abstract


Initial Results from the Lost Alpha Diagnostics on Joint European Torus

Authors: Doug Darrow, Stefan Baeumel, Ed Cecil, Bob Ellis, Keith Fullard, Ken Hill, Alan Horton, Vasily Kiptily, Les Pedrick, Matthias Reich, Andreas Werner, and JET-EFDA Contributors

PPPL-4246 Abstract


Full-wave Simulations of LH Wave Propagation in Toroidal Plasma with non-Maxwellian Electron Distributions

Authors: E.J. Valeo, C.K. Phillips, P.T. Bonoli, J.C. Wright, M. Brambilla, and the RF SciDAC Team

PPPL-4247 Abstract


Scintillator Based Energetic Ion Loss Diagnostic for the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Author: D.S. Darrow

PPPL-4248 Abstract


Predictions and Observations of Low-shear Beta-induced Alfvén-acoustic Eigenmodes in Toroidal Plasmas

Authors: N.N. Gorelenkov, H.L. Berk, E. Fredrickson, S.E. Sharapov, and JET EFDA Contributors

PPPL-4249 Abstract


Contemporary Instrumentation and Application of Charge Exchange Neutral Particle Diagnostics in Magnetic Fusion Experiments

Authors: S.S. Medley, A.J.H. Donné, R. Kaita, A.I. Kislyakov, M.P. Petrov, and A.L. Roquemore

PPPL-4250 Abstract


Full-wave Simulations of ICRF Heating in Toroidal Plasma with Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions in the FLR Limit

Authors: E.J. Valeo, C.K. Phillips, H. Okuda, J.C. Wright, P.T. Bonoli, L.A. Berry, and the RF SciDAC Team

PPPL-4251 Abstract


Physics Design of the National High-power Advanced Torus Experiment

Authors: J.E. Menard, R.J. Goldston, G.-Y. Fu, N. Gorelenkov, S.M. Kaye, G. Kramer, R. Maingi, C.L. Neumeyer, S.A. Sabbagh, V.A. Soukhanovskii, and R. Woolley

PPPL-4252 Abstract


β-Suppression of Alfvén Cascade Modes in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: E.D. Fredrickson, N.A. Crocker, N.N. Gorelenkov, W.W. Heidbrink, S. Kubota, F.M. Levinton, H. Yuh, J.E. Menard, and R.E. Bell

PPPL-4253 Abstract


Passive Spectroscopic Diagnostics for Magnetically-confined Fusion Plasmas

Authors: B.C. Stratton, M. Bitter, K.W. Hill, D.L. Hillis, and J.T. Hogan

PPPL-4254 Abstract


Effects of Global Boundary and Local Collisionality on Magnetic Reconnection in a Laboratory Plasma

Authors: A. Kuritsyn, H. Ji, S.P. Gerhardt, Y. Ren, and M. Yamada

PPPL-4255 Abstract


Optimization of Cylindrical Hall Thrusters

Authors: Yevgeny Raitses, Artem Smirnov, Erik Granstedt, and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4256 Abstract


The Discharge Design of HL-2M with the Tokamak Simulation Code (TSC)

Authors: Yudong Pan, S.C. Jardin, and C. Kessel

PPPL-4257 Abstract


Controlling Charge and Current Neutralization of an Ion Beam Pulse in a Background Plasma by Application of a Small Solenoidal Magnetic Field

Authors: I.D. Kaganovich, E.A. Startsev, A.B. Sefkow, and R.C. Davidson

PPPL-4258 Abstract


Application of PILATUS II Detector Modules for High Resolution X-Ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometers on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak

Authors: M.L. Bitter, Ch. Borennimann, E.F. Eikenberry, K.W. Hill, A. Ince-Chushman, S.G. Lee, J.E. Rice, and S. Scott.

PPPL-4259 Abstract


Reconstruction of q- and p-profiles in ITER using External and Internal Measurements

Authors: Leonid E. Zakharov, Elizabeth L. Foley, Fred M. Levinton, and Howard Y. Yuh

PPPL-4260 Abstract

The PPPL Fiscal Year 2006 Highlights Report is available in pdf format (5.4 MB).

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory FY2006 Annual Highlights

Editors: Anthony R. DeMeo and Carol A. Phillips

PPPL_FY06_Highlights Abstract