Publication Reports For Fiscal Year 2010

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Recent Developments in High-Harmonic Fast Wave Physics in NSTX

Authors: B.P. LeBlanc, R.E. Bell, P. Bonoli, R. Harvey, W.W. Heidbrink, J.C. Hosea, S.M. Kaye, D. Liu, R. Maingi, S.S. Medley, M. Ono, M. Podestà, C.K. Phillips, P.M. Ryan, A.L. Roquemore, G. Taylor, J.R. Wilson and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4564 Abstract


He Puff System For Dust Detector Upgrade

Authors: B. Rais, C.H. Skinner A.L. Roquemore

PPPL-4563 Abstract


On Nonlinear Self-interaction of Geodesic Acoustic Mode Driven by Energetic Particles

Authors: G. Fu

PPPL-4562 Abstract


Current Density and Plasma Displacement Near Perturbed Rational Surface

Authors: A.H. Boozer and N. Pomphrey

PPPL-4561 Abstract


Benchmarking ICRF simulations for ITER

Authors: R. V. Budny, L. Berry, R. Bilato, P. Bonoli, M. Brambilla, R.J. Dumont, A. Fukuyama, R. Harvey, E.F. Jaeger, E. Lerche, C.K. Phillips, V. Vdovin, J. Wright, and members of the ITPA-IOS

PPPL-4560 Abstract


Implicit Methods for the Magnetohydrodynamic Description of Magnetically Confined Plasmas

Authors: S.C. Jardin

PPPL-4559 Abstract


Advances and Current Challenges in the Theory of Zonal-Flow Generation

Authors: John A. Krommes

PPPL-4558 Abstract


Nonlinear Gyrokinetics: A Powerful Tool for the Description of Microturbulence in Magnetized Plasmas

Authors: John A. Krommes

PPPL-4557 Abstract


Experiments and Simulations of ITER-like Plasmas in Alcator C-Mod

Authors: J.R. Wilson, C.E. Kessel, S. Wolfe, I.H. Hutchinson, P. Bonoli, C. Fiore, A.E. Hubbard, J. Hughes, Y. Lin, Y. Ma, D. Mikkelsen, M. Reinke, S. Scott, A.C.C. Sips, S. Wukitch and the C-Mod Team

PPPL-4556 Abstract


Development of the ITER Advanced Steady State and Hybrid Scenarios

Authors: C.E. Kessel, D. Campbell, T. Casper, Y. Gribov, and J. Snipes

PPPL-4555 Abstract


Optimizing Laser-accelerated Ion Beams for a Collimated Neutron Source

Authors: C. L. Ellison and J. Fuchs

PPPL-4554 Abstract


Macroscopic Motion of Liquid Petal Plasma Facing Components in a Diverted Plasma

Authors: M.A. Jaworski, S.P. Gerhardt, N.B. Morley, T. Abrams, R. Kaita, J. Kallman, H. Kugel, R. Majeski, and D.N. Ruzic

PPPL-4553 Abstract


Biasing, Acquisition and Interpretation of a Dense Langmuir Probe Array in NSTX

Authors: M. A. Jaworski, J. Kallman, R. Kaita, H. Kugel, B. LeBlanc, and R. Marsala

PPPL-4552 Abstract


Progress on the NSTX Center Stack Upgrade

Authors: L. Dudek, J. Chrzanowski, P. Heitzenroeder, D. Mangra, C. Neumeyer, M. Smith, R. Strykowsky, P. Titus, T. Willard

PPPL-4551 Abstract


NSTX Disruption Simulations of Detailed Divertor and Passive Plate Models by Vector Potential Transfer from OPERA Global Analysis Results

Authors: Peter H. Titus

PPPL-4550 Abstract


Design Of JET ELM Control Coils For Operation At 350 C

Authors: I. J. Zatz, R. Baker, A. Brooks, M. Cole, G.H. Neilson, C. Lowry, M. Mardenfeld, H. Omran, V. Thompson, T. Todd

PPPL-4549 Abstract


Passive Measurement of Hydrogen Ground State Rotational and Vibrational Temperatures in Kinetic Plasmas

Authors: D.R. Farley, D.P. Lundberg, and S.A. Cohen

PPPL-4548 Abstract


Some Considerations And Techniques For The Predictive Simulation Of Global Instabilities In Tokamaks

Authors: S.C. Jardin

PPPL-4547 Abstract


Modular Coils And Plasma Configurations For Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarators

Authors: L.P. Ku amd A.H. Boozer

PPPL-4546 Abstract


Phase-space Dynamics of Runaway Electrons In Tokamaks

Authors: Xiaoyin Guan, Hong Qin, and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4545 Abstract


Experimental Study of Reversed Shear Alfven Eigenmodes During The Current Ramp In The Alcator C-Mod Tokamak

Authors:E.M. Edlund, M. Porkolab, G.J. Kramer, L. Lin, Y. Lin, N. Tsuji andd S.J. Wukitch

PPPL-4544 Abstract


An Analytical Approach To Fast Electron Temperature Measurements

Authors: L. Delgado-Aparicio, K. Tritz, T. Kramer, D. Stutman, M. Finkenthal, K. Hill and M. Bitter

PPPL-4543 Abstract


Calculation of Ground State Rotational Populations for Kinetic Gas Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules including Electron-Impact Excitation and Wall Collisions

Authors: David R. Farley

PPPL-4542 Abstract


Effects of Toroidal Rotation Sshear on Toroidicity-induced Alfven Eigenmodes in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: M. Podesta, R.E. Bell, E.D. Fredrickson, N.N. Gorelenkov, B.P. LeBlanc, W.W. Heidbrink, N.A. Crocker, S. Kubota, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4541 Abstract


New Classes of Quasi-helically Symmetric Stellarators

Authors: L.P. Ku and A.H. Boozer

PPPL-4540 Abstract


High Accuracy Wavelength Calibration For A Scanning Visible Spectrometer

Authors: Filippo Scotti and Ronald Bell

PPPL-4539 Abstract


Objectives and Layout of a High-Resolution X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer for the Large Helical Device (LHD)

Authors: M. Bitter, K. Hill, D. Gates, D. Monticello, H. Neilson, A. Reiman, A. L. Roquemore, S. Morita, M. Goto, H. Yamada, J. E. Rice

PPPL-4538 Abstract


Absolute Calibration of an Electrostatic Dust Detector

Authors: B. Rais, C.H. Skinner, A.L. Roquemore

PPPL-4537 Abstract


First Observation Of ELM Pacing With Vertical Jogs In A Spherical Torus

Authors: S.P. Gerhardt, J-W. Ahn, J.M. Canik, R. Maingi, R. Bell, D. Gates, R. Goldston, R. Hawryluk, B.P. Le Blanc, J. Menard, A.C. Sontag, S. Sabbagh and K. Tritz

PPPL-4536 Abstract


A Midsize Tokamak As Fast Track To Burning Plasmas

Authors: E. Mazzucato

PPPL-4535 Abstract


Anomalous Electron Transport Due to Multiple High Frequency Beam Ion Driven Alfven Eigenmodes

Authors: N.N. Gorelenkov, D. Stutman, K. Tritz, A. Boozer, L. Delgardo-Aparicio, E. Fredrickson, S. Kaye, R. White

PPPL-4534 Abstract


Strike Point Control for the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)

Authors: E. Kolemen, D. A. Gates, C.W. Rowley, N. J. Kasdin, J. Kallman, S. Gerhardt, V. Soukhanovskii, D. Mueller

PPPL-4533 Abstract


Nonlinear Flow Generation By Electrostatic Turbulence In Tokamaks

Authors: W.X. Wang, P.H. Diamond, T.S. Hahm, S. Ethier, G. Rewoldt, and W.M. Tang

PPPL-4532 Abstract


Formation of Field-reversed-Configuration Plasma with Punctuated-betatron-orbit Electrons

Authors: D.R. Welch, S.A. Cohen, T.C. Genoni, A.H. Glasser

PPPL-4531 Abstract


Measuring the Density of a Molecular Cluster Injector via Visible Emission from an Electron Beam

Authors: D.P. Lundberg, R. Kaita, R. Majeski, and D.P. Stotler

PPPL-4530 Abstract


A New Principle in Physics: the Principle of “Finiteness”, and Some Consequences

Authors: Abraham Sternlieb

PPPL-4529 Abstract


Transient Enhancement (ʻSpike-on-Tailʼ) Observed on Neutral-Beam-Injected Energetic Ion Spectra Using the E||B Neutral Particle Analyzer in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: S. S. Medley, N. N. Gorelenkov, R. E. Bell, E. D. Fredrickson, S. P. Gerhardt, B. P. LeBlanc, M. Podestà, A. L. Roquemore, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4528 Abstract


On Nonlinear Self-interaction of Geodesic Acoustic Mode Driven by Energetic Particles

Authors: G.Y. Fu

PPPL-4527 Abstract


High-throughput Accurate-wavelength Lens-based Visible Spectrometer

Authors: Ronald E. Bell and Filippo Scotti

PPPL-4526 Abstract


Measurement of Poloidal Velocity on the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: Ronald E. Bell and Russell Feder

PPPL-4525 Abstract


Deuterium Retention in NSTX with Lithium Conditioning

Authors: C.H. Skinner, J.P. Allain, W. Blanchard, H.W. Kugel, R. Maingi, L. Roquemore, V. Soukhanovskii, C.N. Taylor

PPPL-4524 Abstract


Transition in Electron Transport in a Cylindrical Hall Thruster

Authors: J.B. Parker, Y. Raitses, and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4523 Abstract


Refractive and Relativistic Effects on ITER Low Field Side Reflectometer Design

Authors: G. Wang, T.L. Rhodes, W.A. Peebles, R.W. Harvey, and R.V. Budny

PPPL-4522 Abstract


Imaging with Spherically Bent Crystals or Reflectors

Authors: M. Bitter,L.F. Delgado Aparicio, K.W. Hill, S. Scott, A. Ince-Cushman, M. Reinke, Y. Podpaly, J.E. Rice, P.Beiersdorfer and E. Wang

PPPL-4521 Abstract


Optimizing Stellarators for Turbulent Transport

Authors: H.E. Mynick, N.Pomphrey, and P. Xanthopoulos

PPPL-4520 Abstract


Development of a Spatially Resolving X-Ray Crystal Spectrometer (XCS) for Measurement of Ion-Temperature (Ti) and Rotation-Velocity (v) Profiles in ITER

Authors: K.W. Hill, M. Bitter, L. Delgado-Aparicio, D. Johnson, R. Feder, P. Beiersdorfer, J.Dunn, K. Morris, E. Wang, M. Reinke, Y. Podpaly, J.E. Rice, R. Barnsley, M. O’Mullane, and S.G. Lee

PPPL-4519 Abstract


All Metal Iron Core for a Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak

Authors: D.A. Gates, C. Jun, I. Zatz, A. Zolfaghari

PPPL-4518 Abstract


First Real-time Detection of Surface Dust in a Tokamak

Authors: C. Skinner, B Rais, A. L. Roquemore, H.W. Kugel, R. Marsala, T. Provost

PPPL-4517 Abstract


Intermittent Divertor Filaments in the National Spherical Torus Experiment and Their Relation to Midplane Blobs

Authors: R.J. Maqueda, D.P. Stotler and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4516 Abstract


Progress in Understanding Error-field Physics in NSTX Spherical Torus Plasmas

Authors: J.E. Menard, R.E. Bell, D.A. Gates, S.P. Gerhardt, J.-K. Park, S.A. Sabbagh, J.W. Berkery, A. Egan, J. Kallman, S.M. Kaye, B. LeBlanc, Y.Q. Liu, A. Sontag, D. Swanson, H. Yuh, W. Zhu and the NSTX Research Team.

PPPL-4515 Abstract


Design Parameters and Objectives of a High-­Resolution X-­ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer for the Large Helical Device (LHD)

Authors: M. Bitter, K. Hill, D. Gates, H. Neilson, A. Reiman, A.L. Roquemore, S. Morita, M. Goto, H. Yamada and J. Rice

PPPL-4514 Abstract


Pressure, Chaotic Magnetic Fields and MHD Equilibria

Authors: S.R. Hudson & N. Nakajima

PPPL-4513 Abstract


Physics of Neutralization of Intense High-Energy Ion Beam Pulses by Electrons

Authors: I.D. Kaganovich, R.C. Davidson, M.A. Dorf, E.A. Startsev, A.B. Sefkow, E.P. Lee and A. Friedman

PPPL-4512 Abstract


Centroid and Envelope Dynamics of High-intensity Charged Particle Beams in an External Focusing Lattice and Oscillating Wobbler

Authors: Hong Qin, Ronald C. Davidson and B. Grant Logan

PPPL-4511 Abstract


Quiet Periods in Edge Turbulence Preceding the L-H Transition in NSTX

Authors: S.J. Zweben, R.J. Maqueda, R. Hager, K. Hallatschek, S.M. Kaye, T. Munsat, F.M. Poli, A.L. Roquemore, Y. Sechrest, D.P. Stotler

PPPL-4510 Abstract


Demonstration of Tokamak Ohmic Flux Saving by Transient Coaxial Helicity Injection on NSTX

Authors: R. Raman, D. Mueller, B.A. Nelson, T.R. Jarboe, S. Gerhardt, H.W. Kugel, B. LeBlanc, R. Maingi, J. Menard, M. Ono, S. Paul, L. Roquemore, S. Sabbagh, V. Soukhanovskii, and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4509 Abstract


Comparison of Poloidal Velocity Measurements to Neoclassical Theory on the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: R.E. Bell, R. Andre, S.M. Kaye, R.A. Kolesnikov, B.P. LeBlanc, G. Rewoldt, W.X. Wang and S.A. Sabbagh

PPPL-4508 Abstract


Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Theory With Polarization Drift

Authors: L. Wang and T.S. Hahm

PPPL-4507 Abstract


Feasibility Studies of Alpha-Channeling in Mirror Machines

Authors: A. I. Zhmoginov and N. J. Fisch

PPPL-4506 Abstract


The Impact of Lithium Wall Coatings on NSTX Discharges and the Engineering of the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX)

Authors: R. Majeski, H. Kugel, R. Kaita

PPPL-4505 Abstract


On The Anomalous Fast Ion Energy Diffusion in Toroidal Plasmas Due to Cavity Modes

Authors: N.N. Gorelenkov, N.J. Fisch and E. Fredrickson

PPPL-4504 Abstract


Beam Distribution Modification by Alfven Modes

Authors: R.B. White, N. Gorelenkov, W.W. Heidbrink, and M.A. Van Zeeland

PPPL-4503 Abstract


Climate Change, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation: Magnitude Matters

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4502 Abstract


A Pilot Plant: The Fastest Path to Commercial Fusion Energy

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4501 Abstract


Measurements of Beam Ion Loss from the Compact Helical System

Authors: D. S. Darrow, M. Isobe, Takashi Kondo, M. Sasao, and the CHS group National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki, Gifu, Japan

PPPL-4500 Abstract


Investigation of Electron Bernstein Wave (EBW) Coupling and its Critical Dependence on EBW Collisional Loss in High-β, H-mode ST Plasmas

Authors: S.J. Diem,, G. Taylor, J.B. Caughman, P.C. Efthimion, H. Kugel, B.P. LeBlanc, C.K. Phillips, J. Preinhaelter, S.A. Sabbagh, J. Urban and J.B.Wilgen

PPPL-4499 Abstract


An Assessment of the Penetrations in the First Wall Required for Plasma Measurments for Control of an Advanced Tokamak Plasma Demo

Authors: Kenneth M. Young

PPPL-4498 Abstract


Essential Boundary Conditions with Straight C1 Finite Elements in Curved Domains

Authors: N.M. Ferraro, S.C. Jardin, X. Luo

PPPL-4497 Abstract


Experiments with Liquid Metal Walls: Status of the Lithium Tokamak Experiment

Authors: Robert Kaita, et. al.

PPPL-4496 Abstract


Simulations of NSTX with a Liquid Lithium Divertor Module

Authors: D. P. Stotler, R. Maingi, L.E. Zakharov, H.W. Kugel, A. Yu. Pigarov, T.D. Rognlien, and V. A. Soukhanovskii

PPPL-4495 Abstract


Considerations for Contractile Electroactive Polymeric Materials and Actuators

Authors: Lenore Rasmussen, Carl J. Erickson, Lewis D. Meixler, George Ascione, Charles A. Gentile, Carl Tilson, Stephen L. Bernasek, and Esta Abelev

PPPL-4494 Abstract


Wave-driven Rotation in Supersonically Rotating Mirrors

Authors: A. Fetterman and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4493 Abstract


Alpha Channeling in Rotating Plasma with Stationary Waves

Authors: A. Fetterman and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4492 Abstract


Considerations for Contractile Electroactive Materials and Actuators

Authors: Lenore Rasmussen, David Schramm, Lewis D. Meixler, Charles A. Gentile, George Ascione, Carl Tilson, and Kelsey Pagdon

PPPL-4491 Abstract



Direct-current-like Phase Space Manipulation Using Chirped Alternating Current Fields

Authors: P.F. Schmit and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4489 Abstract


A GeneralizedWeight-Based Particle-In-Cell Simulation Scheme

Authors: W. W. Lee, T. G. Jenkins and S. Ethier

PPPL-4488 Abstract


Whistler Wave Excitation and Effects of Self-Focusing on Ion Beam Propagation through a Background Plasma along a Solenoidal Magnetic Field

Authors: Mikhail A. Dorf, Igor D. Kaganovich, Edward A. Startsev, and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-4487 Abstract


Adiabatic Rormation of a Matched-beam Distribution for an Alternating-gradient Quadrupole Lattice

Authors: Mikhail A. Dorf, Ronald C. Davidson, Edward A. Startsev, and Hong Qin

PPPL-4486 Abstract


Measurements of the Motion of Plasma Filaments in a Plasma Ball

Authors: M. Campanell, J. Laird, T. Provost, S. Vasquez, S.J. Zweben

PPPL-4485 Abstract


Implications of NSTX Lithium Results for Magnetic Fusion Research

Authors: M Ono, M G Bell, R E Bell, R Kaita, H W Kugel, B P LeBlanc, J M Canik, S Diem, S P Gerhardt, J Hosea, S Kaye, D Mansfield, R Maingi, J Menard, S F Paul, R Raman, S A Sabbagh, C H Skinner, V Soukhanovskii, G Taylor, and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4484 Abstract


Beam Distribution Modification By Alfven Modes

Authors: R. B. White, N. Gorelenkov, W. W. Heidbrink, and M.A. Van Zeeland

PPPL-4483 Abstract


Lithium Coatings on NSTX Plasma Facing Components and Its Effects On Boundary Control, Core Plasma Performance, and Operation

Authors: H.W.Kugel, M.G.Bell, H.Schneider, J.P.Allain, R.E.Bell, R Kaita, J.Kallman, S. Kaye, B.P. LeBlanc, D. Mansfield, R.E. Nygen, R. Maingi, J. Menard, D. Mueller, M. Ono, S. Paul, S.Gerhardt, R.Raman, S.Sabbagh, C.H.Skinner, V.Soukhanovskii, J.Timberlake, L.E.Zakharov and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4482 Abstract


Annual Site Environmental Report for Calendar Years 2005-2006

Authors: Virginia L. Finley

PPPL-4481 Abstract


Liquid Metal Walls, Lithium, And Low Recycling Boundary Conditions In Tokamaks

Authors: R. Majeski

PPPL-4480 Abstract


Supra-bubble Regime for Laser Acceleration of Coldelectron Beams in Tenuous Plasma

Authors: V.I. Geyko, I.Y. Dodin, and N.J. Fisch G.M. Fraiman

PPPL-4479 Abstract


A Concept for a Low Pressure Noble Gas Fill Intervention in the IFE Fusion Test Facility (FTF) Target Chamber

Authors: C.A. Gentile, W.R. Blanchard, T.A. Kozub, M. Aristova, C. McGahan, S. Natta, K. Pagdon, and J. Zelenty

PPPL-4478 Abstract


Transformer Recharging with Alpha Channeling in Tokamaks

Authors: N. Fisch

PPPL-4477 Abstract


Pseudo-transient Continuation Based Variable Relaxation Solve in Nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations

Authors: Jin Chen

PPPL-4476 Abstract


Advances in High-Harmonic Fast Wave Physics in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: G. Taylor, R. E. Bell, J. C. Hosea, B.P. LeBlanc, C.K. Phillips, M. Podesta, E.J. Valeo, J.R. Wilson J-W. Ahn, G. Chen, D.L. Green, E.F. Jaeger, R. Maingi, P.M. Ryan, J.B. Wilgen, W.W. Heidbrink, D. Liu, P.T. Bonoli, T. Brecht, M. Choi, and R.W. Harvey.

PPPL-4475 Abstract


Intra-shot MSE Calibration Technique For LHCD Experiments

Authors: Jinseok Ko, Steve Scott, Syun’ichi Shiraiwa, Martin Greenwald, Ronald Parker, and Gregory Wallace

PPPL-4474 Abstract


Response to Comment on ”On Higher-Order Corrections to Gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson Equations in the Long Wavelength Limit [Phys. Plasmas 16, 044506 (2009)]”

Authors: W. W. Lee, and R. A. Kolesnikov

PPPL-4473 Abstract


Lower Hybrid Heating and Current Drive on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak

Authors: J.R. Wilson, R. Parker, M. Bitter, P.T. Bonoli, C. Fiore, R.W. Harvey, K. Hill, A.E. Hubbard, J.W. Hughes, A. Ince-Cushman, C. Kessel, J.S. Ko, O. Meneghini, C.K. Phillips, M. Porkolab, J. Rice, A.E. Schmidt, S. Scott,S. Shiraiwa, E. Valeo, G.Wallace, J.C. Wright and the Alcator C-Mod Team.

PPPL-4472 Abstract


Generalized Kapchinskij-Vladimirskij Distribution and Envelope Equation for High-intensity Beams in a Coupled Transverse Focusing Lattice

Authors: Hong Qin, Moses Chung, and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-4471 Abstract


Design of a New Optical System for Alcator C-Mod Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic

Authors: Jinseok Ko, Steve Scott, Manfred Bitter, and Scott Lerner

PPPL-4470 Abstract


Ramp-up of CHI Initiated Plasmas on NSTX

Authors: D. Mueller, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, B. LeBlanc, A.L. Roquemore R. Raman, T.R. Jarboe and B.A. Nelson, and V. Soukhanovskii

PPPL-4469 Abstract


Characteristics of Energy Transport of Li-conditioned and Non-Li-conditioned Plasmas in the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)

Authors: S. Ding, S.M. Kaye, R.E. Bell, R. Kaita, H. Kugel, B.P. LeBlanc, S. Paul, B. Wan

PPPL-4468 Abstract


Transport of Parallel Momentum by Toroidal Ion Temperature Gradient Instability near Marginality

Authors: E.S. Yoon and T.S. Hahm

PPPL-4467 Abstract