Overview of Plasma Mass Filters for Nuclear Waste Remediation

PPPL Authors: S.J. Zweben, N.J. Fisch, R. Gueroult, I. Ochs, C.A. Gentile, A. Khodak, F.M. Levinton

Abstract: This PPPL Report presents an overview of plasma mass filters for nuclear waste remediation, based on studies at PPPL done during the period 2012-2017. The Introduction describes the motivations and goals, the experimental background, and options for nuclear waste separation. Section 2 describes various possible plasma physics mechanisms for ion mass filtering, such as ion gyro-orbit separation, drift-orbit separation, the vacuum arc centrifuge, steady-state rotating plasmas in various geometry, and several others. Section 3 describes some generic physics issues concerning these processes, such as the ion charge state, neutrals and molecules, collisions, radiation loss, and electric fields and fluctuations. Section 4 describes some generic technology issues such as the plasma source, plasma heating, and material handling. The last section outlines a possible R&D plan, including staged goals and specific research needs for theory and diagnostics. The last sub-section summarizes the findings of this report.

PPPL Technical Report

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