Publication Reports For Fiscal Year 2011

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Search For Zonal Flows In The Edge Turbulence Of Alcator C-Mod

Authors:S.J. Zweben, J.L. Terry, M. Agostini, R. Hager, J.W. Hughes, J.R. Myra, D.C. Pace and the Alcator C-Mod Group

PPPL-4691 Abstract


Ideal MHD Stability and Performance of ITER Steady State Scenarios With ITBs

Authors: F.M. Poli, C.E. Kessel, M.S. Chance, S.C. Jardin and J. Manickam

PPPL-4690 Abstract


Production of Tc-99m from Naturally Occurring Molybdenum Absent Uranium

Authors: K. Pagdon, C. Gentile, A. Cohen, G. Ascione, G. Baker

PPPL-4689 Abstract


ULF Wave Absorption at Mercury

Authors: Eun‐Hwa Kim, Jay R. Johnson, and Kyung‐Dong Lee

PPPL-4688 Abstract


Electromagnetic and Structural Analysis of ITER Central Solenoid Insert Coil

Authors: Andrei E. Khodak, Nicolai N. Martovetsky, Alexandre V. Smirnov, Peter H. Titus

PPPL-4687 Abstract


RF Plasma Heating in the PFRC-2 Device: Motivation, Goals and Methods

Authors: S. Cohen, C. Brunkhorst, A. Glasser, A. Landsman, and D. Welch

PPPL-4686 Abstract


Construction of the PFRC-2 Device

Authors: S.A. Cohen, B. Gerlinger, C. Brunkhorst, H. Feder, J. Gumbas, C.E. Myers and M.R. Edwards

PPPL-4685 Abstract


Three-dimensional MHD Simulations Of Counter-helicity Spheromak Merging In The Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment

Authors: C.E. Myers, E.V. Belova, M.R. Brown, T. Gray, C.D. Cothran, and M.J. Schaffer

PPPL-4684 Abstract


Overview Of Physics Results From NSTX

Authors: R. Raman, et. al.

PPPL-4683 Abstract


Experimental Demonstration of Tokamak Inductive Flux Saving by Transient Coaxial Helicity Injection on NSTX

Authors: R. Raman, D. Mueller, T.R. Jarboe, B.A. Nelson, M.G. Bell, S. Gerhardt, B. LeBlanc, J. Menard, M. Ono, L. Roquemore, V. Soukhanovskii

PPPL-4682 Abstract


Intuitive Approach to Magnetic Reconnection

Authors: Russell M. Kulsrud

PPPL-4681 Abstract


Coupled Multiphysics Analysis of the TF Coil Structure in the NSTX Upgrade

Authors: A. Zolfaghari, T. Willard, and M. Smith

PPPL-4680 Abstract


Particle-In-Cell Simulation of Ion Beam Neutralization by a Tenuous Background Plasma

Authors: William Berdanier and Igor Kaganovich

PPPL-4679 Abstract


High Pressure Gas Injection for Suppression of Runaway Electrons in Disruptions

Authors: L.E.Zakharov, S.Putvinski, A.S.Kukushkin, R.A.Pitts, M.Sugihara, and S.Maruyama

PPPL-4678 Abstract


R & D Of Polyimide Insulated Jet ELM Control Coils For Operation At 350 C

Authors: I.J. Zatz, G.H. Neilson, S. Jurczynski, M. Mardenfeld, and C. Lowry

PPPL-4677 Abstract


Digital Coil Protection System (DCPS) Allgorithms for the NSTX Centerstack Upgrade

Authors: R. D. Woolley, P.H. Titus, C.L. Neumeyer, and R.E. Hatcher

PPPL-4676 Abstract


Stress Multipliers for the NSTX Upgrade Digital Coil Protection System

Authors: P.H. Titus, R. Woolley and R. Hatcher

PPPL-4675 Abstract


Absolute Calibration Of The NSTX Neutron Monitor System

Authors: A.L. Roquemore, D.S Darrow, and S.S. Medley

PPPL-4674 Abstract


Power System for NSTX Upgrade

Authors: S. Ramakrishnan, C. Neumeyer, J. Lawson, R. Mozulay, E. Baker, R. Hatcher, N. Desai, Weiguo Que, and Xin Zhao

PPPL-4673 Abstract


Ensuring High Availability And Recoverability Of Acquired Data

Authors: C. Pugh,T. Carrol and P. Henderson

PPPL-4672 Abstract


Overview of the Physics and Engineering Design of NSTX Upgrade

Authors: J. Menard, et. al.

PPPL-4671 Abstract


ITER In-Vessel Coil Design And R&D

Authors: M. Kalish et. al.

PPPL-4670 Abstract


Development Of High Performance Passively Cooled Mirrors For ECH Launchers

Authors: R. Ellis, J. Hosea, H. Grunloh, and J. Lohr

PPPL-4669 Abstract


Ensuring Compliance and Consistency in an R&D Environment: The PPPL Office of Project Management

Authors: T. Dodson, T. Stevenson, T. Egebo, R. Strykowsky, S. Langish, and M. Williams

PPPL-4668 Abstract


NSTX Power Supply Configuration Control Upgrade

Authors: N. Desai, R. Hatcher, C. Neumeyer

PPPL-4667 Abstract


Vacuum Compatability of Welded Joints for NSTX-U

Authors: M. Denault, and D. Arose

PPPL-4666 Abstract


An Overview of Pilot Plant Designs Based on the Advanced Tokamak, Spherical Tokamak and Stellarator

Authors: T. Brown, L. Bromberg, A. E. Costley, R.J. Goldston, L. El-Guebaly, C. Kessel, G.H. Neilson, S. Malang, J. E. Menard, S. Prager, S. Scott, L. Waganer, M. Zarnstorff

PPPL-4665 Abstract


Application of ITER CODAC Core System for NSTX SPA-2 Project

Authors: A. Massry, P. Sichta, and J. Dong

PPPL-4664 Abstract


NSTX Plasma Operation with a Liquid Lithium Divertor

Authors: H.W. Kugel, J.P. Allain, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, A. Diallo, R. Ellis, S.P. Gerhardt, B. Heim, M.A. Jaworski, R. Kaita, J. Kallman, S. Kaye, B.P. LeBlanc, R. Maingi, A. McLean, J. Menard, D. Mueller, R. Nygren, M. Ono, S.F. Paul, R. Raman, A.L. Roquemore, S.A. Sabbagh, H. Schneider, C.H. Skinner, V.A. Soukhanovskii, C.N. Taylor, J.R. Timberlake, M. Viola, L. Zakharov, and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4663 Abstract


Channeling of Fusion Alpha-Particle Power Using Minority Ion Catalysis

Authors: A.I. Zhmoginov and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4662 Abstract


Cross-Field Electron Transport Induced By A Rotating Spoke In A Cylindrical Hall Thruster

Authors: C.L. Ellison, Y. Raitses and N. Fisch

PPPL-4661 Abstract


Electron Acceleration in a Geomagnetic Field Line Resonance

Authors: P.A. Damiano and J.R. Johnson

PPPL-4660 Abstract


The Relationships Between ELM Suppression, Pedestal Profiles, and Lithium Wall Coatings in NSTX

Authors: D P Boyle, R Maingi, P B Snyder, J Manickam, T H Osborne, R E Bell, B P LeBlanc, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4659 Abstract


Easy Web Interfaces to IDL Code for NSTX Data Analysis

Authors: W.M. Davis

PPPL-4658 Abstract


Effects of the Spatial Extent of Multiple Harmonic Layers

Authors: J.W. Burby, G.J. Kramer, C.K. Phillips and E.J. Valeo

PPPL-4657 Abstract


Metrics For Comparing Pasma Mass Filters

Authors: Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4656 Abstract


X-Ray Line-Shape Diagnostics and Novel Stigmatic Imaging Schemes for the National Ignition Facility

Authors: M. Bitter, K. W. Hill, N. A. Pablant, L. F. Delgado-Aparicio, P. Beiersdorfer, E. Wang, and M. Sanchez del Rio

PPPL-4655 Abstract


Current Drive in Recombining Plasma

Authors: P.F. Schmit and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4654 Abstract


The Magnetic Centrifugal Mass Filter

Authors: Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4653 Abstract


Investigation Of A Transient Energetic Charge Exchange Fux Enhancement (ʻspike-on-tailʼ) Observed In Neutral-beam-heated H-mode Discharges In The National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: S. Medley, et. al.

PPPL-4652 Abstract


Onset and Saturation Of A Non-resonant Internal Mode In NSTX And Implications For AT Modes In ITER

Authors: J.A. Breslau, M.S. Chance, J. Chen, G.Y. Fu, S. Gerhardt, N. Gorelenkov, S.C. Jardin and J. Manickam

PPPL-4651 Abstract


Ideal MHD Stability of ITER Steady State Scenarios With ITBs

Authors:F.M. Poli, C.E. Kessel, S. Jardin, J. Manickam, M. Chance, J. Chen

PPPL-4650 Abstract


Equilibrium Reconstruction on the Large Helical Device

Authors: Samuel Aaron Lazerson

PPPL-4649 Abstract


A Magnetic Diagnostic Code for 3D Fusion Equilibria

Authors: Samuel Aaron Lazerson

PPPL-4648 Abstract


High-harmonic Fast Wave Heating and Current Drive Results for Deuterium H-mode Plasmas in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: G. Taylor, P.T. Bonoli, R.W. Harvey, J.C. hosea, E.F. Jaeger, B.P. LeBlanc, C.K. Phillips, P.M. Ryan, E.J. Valeo, J.R. Wilson, J.C. Wright, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4647 Abstract


Edge Zonal Flows And Blob Propagation In Alcator C-Mod

Authors: S.J. Zweben, J.L. Terry, M. Agostini, B. Davis, O. Grulke, R. Hager, J. Hughes, B. LaBombard, D.A. D'Ippolito, J.R. Myra, D.A. Russell

PPPL-4646 Abstract


Dynamical Evolution of Pedestal Parameters in ELMy H-mode in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: A. Diallo, R. Maingi, S. Kubota, A. Sontag, T. Osborne, M. Podesta, R. E. Bell, B.P. LeBlanc, J. Menard, and S. Sabbagh

PPPL-4645 Abstract


Charting the Roadmap to Magnetic Fusion Energy

Authors: G. H. Neilson, R. Betti, D. Gates, C. Kessel, J. Menard, S. Prager, S. Scott, and M. Zarnstorff

PPPL-4644 Abstract


Techniques For Injection Of Pre-Charaterized Dust Into The Scrape Off Layer Of Fusion Plasma

Authors: A.L. Roquemore, B. John, F. Friesen , K. Hartzfeld, D.K. Mansfield

PPPL-4643 Abstract


Experimental Verification of the Kruskal-Shafranov Stability Limit in Line-Tied Partial Toroidal Plasmas

Authors: E. Oz, C.E. Myers, M. Yamada, H. Ji, R.M. Kulsrud and J. Xie

PPPL-4642 Abstract


Centroid and Envelope Eynamics of Charged Particle Beams in an Oscillating Wobbler and External Focusing Lattice for Heavy Ion Fusion Applications

Authors: Hong Qin, Ronald C. Davidson and B. Grant Logan

PPPL-4641 Abstract


Self-Similar Nonlinear Dynamical Solutions for One-Component Nonneutral Plasma in a Time-Dependent Linear Focusing Field

Authors: Hong Qin and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-4640 Abstract


Neoclassical Drift of Circulating Orbits Due toToroidal Electric Field in Tokamaks

Authors: Hong Qin, Xiaoyin Guan and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4639 Abstract


Generalized Courant-Snyder Theory and Kapchinskij-Vladimirskij Distribution For High-intensity Beams In A Coupled Transverse Focusing Lattice

Authors: Hong Qin

PPPL-4638 Abstract


Geometric Phase of the Gyromotion for Charged Particles in a Time-dependent Magnetic Field

Authors: Jian Liu and Hong Qin

PPPL-4637 Abstract


Alpha Heating in ITER L-mode and H-mode Plasmas

Authors: R.V. Budny

PPPL-4636 Abstract


L-H Threshold Studies in NSTX

Authors: S.M. Kaye, R. Maingi, D. Battaglia, R.E. Bell, C.S. Chang, J. Hosea, H. Kugel, B.P. LeBlanc, H. Meyer, G.Y. Park, and J.R. Wilson

PPPL-4635 Abstract


HHFW Heating and Current Drive Studies of NSTX H-Mode Plasmas

Authors: G. Taylor, P. T. Bonoli, D. L. Green, R. W. Harvey, J. C. Hosea, E. F. Jaeger, B. P. LeBlanc, R. Maingi, C. K. Phillips, P. M. Ryan, E. J. Valeo, J. R. Wilson, J. C. Wright, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4634 Abstract


The Gyrokinetic Description of Microturbulence in Magnetized Plasmas

Authors: John A. Krommes

PPPL-4633 Abstract


Recent Progress of NSTX Lithium Program and Opportunities For Magnetic Fusion Research

Authors: M. Ono, et. al.

PPPL-4632 Abstract


Modification Of The Electron Energy Distribution Function During Lithium Experiments On The National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: M.A. Jaworski, M.G. Bell, T.K. Gray, R. Kaita, J. Kallman, H. Kugel, B. LeBlanc, A. McLean, S.A. Sabbagh, V. Soukhanovskii, D.P. Stotler, V. Surla

PPPL-4631 Abstract


Fast Ion Effects During Test Blanket Module Simulation Experiments in DIII-D

Authors: G.J. Kramer, B.V. Budny, R. Ellis, M. Gorelenkova, W.W. Heidbrink, T. Kurki-Suonio, R. Nazikian, A. Salmi, M.J. Schaffer, K. Shinohara, J.A. Snipes, D.A. Spong, T. Koskela, and M.A. Van Zeeland

PPPL-4630 Abstract


Basics Of Fusion-Fission Research Facility (FFRF) As A Fusion Neutron Source

Authors: Leonid E. Zakharov

PPPL-4629 Abstract


Evolution Of Nonlinear Waves In Compressing Plasma

Authors: P.F. Schmit, I.Y. Dodin, and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4628 Abstract


Plasma Mass Filters For Nuclear Waste Reprocessing

Authors: Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4627 Abstract


Combined Ideal and Kinetic Effects on Reversed Shear Alfvén Eigenmodes

Authors: N. N. Gorelenkov, G. J. Kramer, and R. Nazikian

PPPL-4626 Abstract


Lithium Wall Conditioning And Surface Dust Detection On NSTX

Authors: C.H. Skinner, J.P. Allain, M.G.Bell, F.Q.L. Friesen, B. Heim, M.A. Jaworski, H. Kugel, R. Maingi, B. Rais, and C.N. Taylor

PPPL-4625 Abstract


Comment On Li pellet Conditioning In TFTR

Authors: R.V. Budny

PPPL-4624 Abstract


Error Field correction in DIII-D Ohmic Plasmas With Either Handedness

Authors: Jong-Kyu Park, Michael J. Schaffer, Robert J. La Haye,Timothy J. Scoville and Jonathan E. Menard

PPPL-4623 Abstract


Rapidly Moving Divertor Plates In A Tokamak

Authors: S. Zweben

PPPL-4622 Abstract


An Enhanced Nonlinear Critical Gradient For Electron Turbulent Transport Due To Reversed Magnetic Shear

Authors: J. L. Peterson, G.W. Hammett, D.R. Mikkelsen, H.Y. Yuh, J. Candy, W. Guttenfelder, S.M. Kaye, and B. LeBlanc

PPPL-4621 Abstract


The Anomalous Currents In The Front Foils of the JET Lost Alpha Diagnostic KA-2

Authors: F.E. Cecil, V. Kiptily, A. Salmi, A. Horton, K. Fullard, A. Murari, D. Darrow, K. Hill and JET-EFDA Contributors

PPPL-4620 Abstract


Heuristic Drift-based Model Of The Power Scrape-off Width In H-mode Tokamaks

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4619 Abstract


Inertial Confinement Fusion R&D and Nuclear Proliferation

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4618 Abstract


Climate Change, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation: Magnitude Matters

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4617 Abstract


New Spectral Method for Halo Particle Definition in Intense Mis-matched Beams

Authors: Mikhail A. Dorf, Ronald C. Davidson, and Edward A. Startsev

PPPL-4616 Abstract


Collective Focusing of Intense Ion Beam Pulses for High-energy Density Physics Applications

Authors: Mikhail A. Dorf, Igor D. Kaganovich, Edward A. Startsev, and Ronald C. Davidson

PPPL-4615 Abstract


Non-linear Dynamics Of Toroidicity-induced Alfven Eigenmodes On The National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: M. Podesta, R. E. Bell, N. A. Crocker, E. D. Fredrickson, N. N. Gorelenkov, W. W. Heidbrink, S. Kubota, B. P. LeBlanc, and H. Yu

PPPL-4614 Abstract


Reducing Turbulent Transport in Toroidal Configurations via Shaping

Authors: H.E. Mynick, N. Pomphrey and P. Xanthopoulos

PPPL-4613 Abstract


Large Area Divertor Temperature Measurements Using A High-speed Camera With Near-infrared FiIters In NSTX

Authors: B.C. Lyons, F. Scotti, S.J. Zweben, T.K. Gray, J. Hosea, R. Kaita, H.W. Kugel, R.J. Maqueda, A.G. McLean, A.L. Roquemore, V.A. Soukhanovskii, and G. Taylor

PPPL-4612 Abstract


Wave-Driven Rotation In Centrifugal Mirrors

Authors: Abraham Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4611 Abstract


NSTX Report on FES Joint Facilities Research Milestone 2010

Authors: R. Maingi, J-W. Ahn, T.K. Gray, A.G. McLean, V.A. Soukhanovskii

PPPL-4610 Abstract


Electromagnetic Transport From Microtearing Mode Turbulence

Authors: W. Guttenfelder, J. Candy, S.M. Kaye, W.M. Nevins, E. Wang, R.E. Bell, G.W. Hammett, B.P. LeBlanc, D.R. Mikkelsen, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4609 Abstract


Characteristics of Turbulence-driven Plasma Flow and Origin of Experimental Empirical Scalings of Intrinsic Rotation

Authors: W.X. Wang, T.S. Hahm, S. Ethier, G. Rewoldt, W.M. Tang, W.W. Lee and P.H. Diamond

PPPL-4608 Abstract


Density Gradient Stabilization of Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence in a Spherical Tokamak

Authors: Y. Ren, S.M. Kaye, E. Mazzucato, W. Guttenfelder, R.E. Bell, C.W. Domier, B.P. LeBlanc, K.C. Lee, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., D.R. Smith, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4607 Abstract


Considerations for Contractile Electroactive Materials and Actuators

Authors: Lenore Rasmussen, David Schramm, Paul Rasmussen, Kevin Mullaly, Ras Labs, LLC, Intelligent Materials for Prosthetics & Automation, Lewis D. Meixler, Daniel Pearlman, and Alice Kirk

PPPL-4606 Abstract


Modification of Particle Distributions by MHD Instabilities II

Authors: Roscoe B. White

PPPL-4605 Abstract


An Heuristic Drift-Based Model of the Power Scrape-Off Width in H-Mode Tokamaks

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4604 Abstract


Fast Camera Imaging of Hall Thruster Ignition

Authors: C. L. Ellison, Y. Raitses and N. J. Fisch

PPPL-4603 Abstract


Effect of Secondary Electron Emission on Electron Cross-Field Current in E×B Discharges

Authors: Yevgeny Raitses, Igor D. Kaganovich, Alexander Khrabrov, Dmytro Sydorenko, Nathaniel J. Fisch and Andrei Smolyakov

PPPL-4602 Abstract


Scientific and Computational Challenges of the Fusion Simulation Program (FSP)

Authors: William M. Tang

PPPL-4601 Abstract


Calculation of the Non-Inductive Current Profile in High-Performance NSTX Plasmas

Authors: S.P. Gerhardt, E. Fredrickson, D. Gates, S. Kaye, J. Menard, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, B.P. Le Blanc, H. Kugel, S.A. Sabbagh, H. Yuh

PPPL-4600 Abstract


Trapped Electron Mode Turbulence Driven Intrinsic Rotation in Tokamak Plasmas

Authors: W.X. Wang, T.S. Hahm, S. Ethier, and L.E. Zakharov

PPPL-4599 Abstract


A Hamiltonian Model of Dissipative Wave-particle Interactions and the Negative-mass Effect

Authors: A. Zhmoginov

PPPL-4598 Abstract


NSTX Plasma Response to Lithium Coated Divertor

Authors: H.W. Kugel, M.G. Bell, J.P. Allain, R.E. Bell, S. Ding, S.P. Gerhardt, M.A. Jaworski, R. Kaita, J. Kallman, S.M. Kaye, B.P. LeBlanc, R. Maingi, R. Majeski, R. Maqueda, D.K. Mansfield, D. Mueller, R. Nygren, S.F. Paul, R. Raman, A.L. Roquemore, S.A. Sabbagh, H. Schneider, C.H. Skinner, V.A. Soukhanovskii, C.N. Taylor, J.R. Timberlak, W.R. Wampler, L.E. Zakharov, S.J. Zweben, and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4597 Abstract


Evaluation of an Electrostatic Dust Removal System with Potential Application in Next-Step Fusion Devices

Authors: F.Q.L. Friesen, B. John, C.H. Skinner, A.L. Roquemore, and C.I. Calle

PPPL-4596 Abstract


LiWall Fusion - The New Concept of Magnetic Fusion

Authors: L. E. Zakharov

PPPL-4595 Abstract


Simulation of Alpha Particles in Rotating Plasma Interacting with a Stationary Ripple

Authors: Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4594 Abstract


Wave-particle Interactions in Rotating Mirrors

Authors: Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4593 Abstract


Gyrokinetic Statistical Absolute Equilibrium and Turbulence

Authors: Jian-Zhou Zhu and Gregory W. Hammett

PPPL-4592 Abstract


Benchmarking ICRF full-wave solvers for ITER

Authors: R.V. Budny L. Berry, R. Bilato, P. Bonoli, M. Brambilla, R. J. Dumont, A. Fukuyama, R. Harvey, E. F. Jaeger, K. Indireshkumar, E. Lerche, D. McCune, C. K. Phillips, V. Vdovin, J. Wright, and members of the ITPA-IOS

PPPL-4591 Abstract


Predictions of alpha heating in ITER L-mode and H-mode plasmas

Authors: R.V. Budny

PPPL-4590 Abstract


Progress Toward Attractive Stellarators

Authors: G. H. Neilson, L. Bromberg, T. G. Brown, D. A. Gates, L. P. Ku, M. C. Zarnstorff, A. H. Boozer, J. H. Harris, O. Meneghini, H. E. Mynick, N. Pomphrey, A. H. Reiman and P. Xanthopoulos

PPPL-4589 Abstract


23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference: Summary Of Sessions EX/C and ICC

Authors: Richard J. Hawryluk

PPPL-4588 Abstract


Passive Superconducting Flux Conservers for Rotating-Magnetic-Field-Driven Field-Reversed Configurations

Authors: C.E. Myers, M.R. Edwards, B. Berlinger, A. Brooks, and S.A. Cohen

PPPL-4587 Abstract


Equilibrium and Stability of Partial Toroidal Plasma Discharges

Authors: E. Oz, C. E. Myers, M. Yamada, H. Ji, R. Kulsrud, and J. Xie

PPPL-4586 Abstract


Methodology for Scaling Fusion Power Plant Availability

Authors: Lester M. Waganer

PPPL-4585 Abstract


Observation And Modeling Of Inner Divertor Re-attachment In Discharges With Lithium Coatings in NSTX

Authors: Filippo Scotti, V.A. Soukhanovskii, M.L. Adams, H.A. Scott, H. W. Kugel, R. Kaita, and A.L. Roquemore

PPPL-4584 Abstract


Modification of Particle Distributions By MHD Instabilities I

Authors: R.B. White

PPPL-4583 Abstract


Simulations of Diffusive Lithium Evaporation Onto the NSTX Vessel Walls

Authors: D. P. Stotler, C H. Skinner, W.R. Blanchard, P.S. Krstic, H.W. Kugel, H. Schneider, L.E. Zakharov

PPPL-4582 Abstract


Development Of a Spatially Resolving X-ray Crystal Spectrometer For Measurement Of Ion-temperature (Ti)… And Rotation-velocity (v)… Profiles in ITER

Authors: K. W. Hill, M. Bitter, L. Delgado-Aparicio, D. Johnson, R. Feder, P. Beiersdorfer, J. Dunn, K. Morris, E. Wang, M. Reinke, Y. Podpaly, J. E. Rice, R. Barnsley, M. O’Mullane, and S. G. Lee

PPPL-4581 Abstract


Magnetic Diagnostics for Equilibrium Reconstructions in the Presence of Nonaxisymmetric Eddy Current Distributions in Tokamaks

Authors: L. Berzak, A. D. Jones, R. Kaita, T. Kozub, N. Logan, R. Majeski, J. Menard, and L. Zakharov

PPPL-4580 Abstract


Microtearing Instability In The ITER Pedestal

Authors: K.L. Wong, D.R. Mikkelsen, G.M. Rewoldt and R. Budny

PPPL-4579 Abstract


Analysis Of NSTX Upgrade OH Magnet and Center Stack

Authors: A. Zolfaghari, P. Titus, J. Chrzanowski, A. Salehzadeh, F. Dahlgren

PPPL-4578 Abstract


Analysis Efforts Supporting NSTX Upgrades

Authors: H.Zhang, P. Titus, P. Rogoff, A.Zolfaghari, D. Mangra, M. Smith

PPPL-4577 Abstract


Design Of The ITER In-Vessel Coils

Authors: C. Neumeyer, A. Brooks, L. Bryant1, J. Chrzanowski1, R. Feder, M. Gomez, P. Heitzenroeder, M. Kalish, A. Lipski, M. Mardenfeld, R. Simmons, P. Titus, I. Zatz, E. Daly, A. Martin, M. Nakahira, R. Pillsbury, J. Feng, T. Bohm, M.Sawan, H. Stone, I. Griffiths, M. Schaffer

PPPL-4576 Abstract


Edge Plasma Boundary Layer Generated By Kink Modes in Tokamaks

Authors: L.E. Zakharov

PPPL-4575 Abstract


Intermittency in the scrape-off layer of the National Spherical Torus Experiment during H-mode Confinement

Authors: R. J. Maqueda, D. P. Stotler, S. J. Zweben, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4574 Abstract


Fusion-Fission Research Facility (FFRF) as a Practical Step Toward Hybrids

Authors: L. Zakharov, J. Li and Y. Wu

PPPL-4573 Abstract


Development of an Extreme Environment Materials Research Facility at Princeton

Authors: A. B. Cohen, C.A. Gentile, C.G. Tully, R. Austin, F. Calaprice, K. McDonald, G. Ascione, G. Baker, R. Davidson, L. Dudek, L. Grisham, H. Kugel, K. Pagdon, T. Stevenson, R. Woolley, A. Zwicker

PPPL-4572 Abstract


Stellarator Coil Design and Plasma Sensitivity

Authors: Long-Poe Ku and Allen H. Boozer

PPPL-4571 Abstract


Comment on “Wall Forces Produced During ITER Disruptions” by H. R. Strauss, R. Paccagnella, and J. Breslau (PHYSICS OF PLASMAS 17, 082505 (2010)

Authors: Leonid E. Zakharov

PPPL-4570 Abstract


Contained Modes In Mirrors With Sheared Rotation

Authors: Abraham J. Fetterman and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4569 Abstract


Cylindrical Hall Thrusters with Permanent Magnets

Authors: Yevgeny Raitses, Enrique Merino and Nathaniel J. Fisch

PPPL-4568 Abstract


A Regularized Approach for Solving Magnetic Diffierential Equations and a Revised Iterative Equilibrium Algorithm

Authors: S.R. Hudson

PPPL-4567 Abstract


A Simple Apparatus for the Injection of Lithium Aerosol into the Scrape-Off Layer of Fusion Research Devices

Authors: D. K. Mansfield, A.L Roquemore, H. Schneider, J. Timberlake, H. Kugel, M.G. Bell and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4566 Abstract


Fringe-jump Corrected FIReTIP For A Real-time Density Feedback Control System Of NSTX Plasmas

Authors: J-W. Juhn, K.C. Lee, Y.S. Hwang, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., B.P. Leblanc, D. Mueller, D.A. Gates, R. Kaita

PPPL-4565 Abstract