Publication Reports For Fiscal Year 2009

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Results of Compact Stellarator Eengineering Trade Studies

Authors: T. Brown, L. Bromberg, and M. Cole

PPPL-4466 Abstract


An Overview Of The ITER In-Vessel Coil Systems

Authors: P.J. Heitzenroeder, A.W. Brooks, J.H. Chrzanowski, F. Dahlgren, R. J. Hawryluk, G.D. Loesser, C. Neumeyer, C. Mansfield et. al.

PPPL-4465 Abstract


National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) Center Stack Upgrade

Authors: C. Neumeyer, S. Avasarala, J. Chrzanowski, L. Dudek, H. Fan, R. Hatcher, P. Heitzenroeder, J. Menard, M. Ono, S. Ramakrishnan, P. Titus, R. Woolley, H. Zhan

PPPL-4464 Abstract


NSTX Protection And Interlock Systems For Coil And Powers Supply Systems

Authors: X. Zhao, S. Ramakrishnan, J. Lawson, C.Neumeyer, R. Marsala, H. Schneider, Engineering Operations

PPPL-4463 Abstract


Metrology Techniques for the Assembly of NCSX

Authors: C. Priniski, T. Dodson, M. Duco, S. Raftopoulos, R. Ellis, and A. Brooks

PPPL-4462 Abstract


A Decade of NSTX Operations Using Collaborative Software

Authors: P. Sichta, W. Davis, J. Dong, D. Mastrovito, G. Tchilinguirian, G. Zimmer

PPPL-4461 Abstract


Conceptual Engineering Method for Attenuating He Ion Interactions on First Wall Components in the Fusion Test Facility (FTF) Employing a Low-Pressure Noble Gas

Authors: C.A.Gentile, W.R.Blanchard, T.Kozub, C.Priniski, I.Zatz, S.Obenschain

PPPL-4460 Abstract


Formation of Plasmoid Chains in Magnetic Reconnection

Authors: R. Samtaney, N.F. Loureiro, D. A. Uzdensky, A.A. Schekochihin, and S.C. Cowley

PPPL-4459 Abstract


Nonlocal Transport in the Reversed Field Pinch

Authors: G. Spizzo, R. B. White, S. Cappello, and L. Marrelli

PPPL-4458 Abstract


Magnetic Reconnection

Authors: Masaaki Yamada, Russell Kulsrud and Hantao Ji

PPPL-4457 Abstract


Mechanical Design of the NSTX Liquid Lithium Divertor

Authors: R. Ellis, R. Kaita, H. Kugel, G. Paluzzi, M. Viola and R. Nygren

PPPL-4456 Abstract


Lessons Learned in Risk Management on NCSX

Authors: G.H. Neilson, C.O. Gruber, J.H. Harris, D.J. Rej, R.T. Simmons, and R.L. Strykowsky

PPPL-4455 Abstract


Utilizing ZFS for the Storage of Acquired Data

Authors: C. Pugh, P. Henderson, K. Silber, T. Carroll, K. Ying

PPPL-4454 Abstract


Low Distortion Welded Joints for NCSX

Authors: M. Denault, M Viola, W. England

PPPL-4453 Abstract


Testing of Compact Bolted Fasteners with Insulation and Friction-Enhanced Shims for NCSX

Authors: L. E. Dudek, J.H. Chrzanowski, G. Gettelfinger, P. Heitzenroeder, S. Jurczynski, M. Viola and K. Freudenberg

PPPL-4452 Abstract


ITER Generic Diagnostic Upper Port Plug Nuclear Heating and Personnel Dose Rate Assesment

Authors: Russell E. Feder and Mahmoud Z. Youssef

PPPL-4451 Abstract


Advantages of High Tolerance Measurements in Fusion Environments Applying Photogrammetry

Authors: T. Dodson, R. Ellis, C. Priniski, S. Raftopoulos, D. Stevens, M. Viola

PPPL-4450 Abstract


Elements of Successful and Safe Fusion Experiment Operations

Authors: K. Rule, L. Cadwallader, Y. Takase, T. Norimatsu, O. Kaneko, M. Sato, and R. Savercool

PPPL-4449 Abstract


Observation of Magnetocoriolis Waves in a Liquid Metal Taylor-Couette Experiment

Authors: M.D. Nornberg, H. Ji, E. Schartman, A. Roach, and J. Goodman

PPPL-4448 Abstract


Simulation Results for the New NSTX HHFW Antenna Straps Design by Using Microwave Studio

Authors: C.C. Kung, R. Ellis, C. Brunkhorst, N. Greenough, E. Fredd, A. Castano, D. Miller, G. D’Amico, R. Yager, J. Hosea, J.R. Wilson and P. Ryan

PPPL-4447 Abstract


High Power, High Voltage FETs in Linear Applications: A User’s Perspective

Authors: N. Greenough, E. Fredd, S. DePasquale

PPPL-4446 Abstract


Uprgrading the TFTR Transrex Power Supplies

Authors: J. E. Lawson, R. Marsala, S. Ramakrishnan, X. Zhao, P. Sichta

PPPL-4445 Abstract


A Novel Demountable TF Joint Design for Low Aspect Ratio Spherical Torus Tokamaks

Authors: R. D. Woolley

PPPL-4444 Abstract


NCSX Trim Coil Design

Authors: M. Kalish, A. Brooks, J. Rushinski, R. Upcavage

PPPL-4443 Abstract


Lessons Learned During the Manufacture of the NCSX Modular Coils

Authors: James H. Chrzanowski,Thomas G. Meighan, Steven Raftopoulos and Lawrence Dudek and Paul J. Fogarty

PPPL-4442 Abstract


Accomplishments in Field Period Assembly for NCSX This is how we did it

Authors: Michael Viola, J. Edwards, T. Brown, L. Dudek, R. Ellis, P. Heitzenroeder, R. Strykowsky and Michael Cole

PPPL-4441 Abstract


Current Control in ITER Steady State Plasmas With Neutral Beam Steering

Authors: R.V. Budny

PPPL-4440 Abstract


Two-stream Stability Properties of the Return-Current Layer for Intense Ion Beam Propagation Through Background Plasma

Authors: Edward A. Startsev, Ronald C. Davidson and Mikhail Dorf

PPPL-4439 Abstract


Comparison of Scrape-off Layer Turbulence in Alcator C-Mod with Three Dimensional Gyrofluid Computations

Authors: S.J. Zweben, B.D. Scott, J.L. Terry, B. LaBombard, J.W. Hughes, and D.P. Stotler

PPPL-4438 Abstract


Particle Distribution Modification by Low Amplitude Modes

Authors: R.B. White, N. Gorelenkov, W.W. Heidbrink, and M.A. Van Zeeland

PPPL-4437 Abstract


Shielding of External Magnetic Perturbations By Torque In Rotating Tokamak Plasmas

Authors: Jong-Kyu Park, Allen H. Boozer, Jonathan E. Menard, Stefan P. Gerhardt, and Steve A. Sabbagh

PPPL-4436 Abstract


Plasma Response to Lithium-Coated Plasma-Facing Components in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: M G Bell, H W Kugel, R Kaita, L E Zakharov, H Schneider, B P LeBlanc, D Mansfield, R E Bell, R Maingi, S Ding, S M Kaye, S F Paul, S P Gerhardt, J M Canik, J C Hosea, G Taylor and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4435 Abstract


Downstream Heat Flux Profile vs. Midplane T Profile in Tokamaks

Authors: Robert J. Goldston

PPPL-4434 Abstract


Modeling Fast Ion Transport in TAE Avalanches in NSTX

Authors: E.D. Fredrickson, N.A. Crocker, R.E. Bell, D. Darrow, N.N. Gorelenkov, G. Kramer, S. Kubota, F.M. Levinton, D. Liu, S.S. Medley, M. Podesta, K. Tritz, R.B. White

PPPL-4433 Abstract


Progress Testing TRANSP-TORIC Simulations of ICRH in JE

Authors: R.V. Budny, K. Indireshkumar, D. McCune, M.-L. Mayoral, J. Ongena, D. Van Eester, J. Conboy, I. Voitsekhovitch, T. Johnson, R. Sartori, and EFDA-JET contributors

PPPL-4432 Abstract


Proliferation Risks of Fusion Energy: Clandestine Production, Covert Production, and Breakout

Authors: R. Goldston

PPPL-4430 Abstract


Electron Gyro-scale Fluctuation Measurements in National Spherical Torus Experiment H-mode Plasmas

Authors: D.R. Smith, S.M. Kaye, W. Lee, E. Mazzucato, H.K. Park, R.E. Bell, C.W. Domier, B.P. LeBlanc, F.M. Levinton, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., J.E. Menard, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4430 Abstract


Geometry Dependence of Stellarator Turbulence

Authors: H.E. Mynick, P. Xanthopoulos and A.H. Boozer

PPPL-4429 Abstract


Recent Fast Wave Coupling and Heating Studies on NSTX, with Possible Implications for ITER

Authors: J.C. Hosea, R.E. Bell, E. Feibush, R.W. Harvey, E.F. Jaeger, B.P LeBlanc, R. Maingi, C.K. Phillips, L. Roquemore, P.M. Ryan, G. Taylor, K. Tritz, E.J. Valeo, J. Wilgen, J.R. Wilson, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4428 Abstract


Lessons Learned in Risk Management on NCSX

Authors: G.H. Neilson, C.O. Gruber, J.H. Harris, D.J. Rej, R.T. Simmons, and R.L. Strykowsky

PPPL-4427 Abstract


Simplified Model of Nonlinear Landau Damping

Authors: N.A. Yampolsky and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4426 Abstract


Some Properties of the M3D-C1 Form of the 3D Magnetohydrodynamics Equations

Authors: J. Breslau, N. Ferraro, S. Jardin

PPPL-4425 Abstract


Waves for Alpha-Channeling in Mirror Machines

Authors: A.I. Zhmoginov and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4424 Abstract


Flux Control in Networks of Diffusion Paths

Authors: A.I. Zhmoginov and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4423 Abstract


Recent Improvements in Fast Wave Heating in NSTX

Authors: G. Taylor, R.E. Bell, R.W. Harvey, J.C. Hosea, E.F. Jaeger, B.P. LeBlanc, C.K. Phillips, P.M. Ryan, E.J. Valeo, J.B. Wilgen, J.R. Wilson, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4422 Abstract


Analysis of High-Te Plasmas Heated by HHFW in NSTX

Authors: B.P. LeBlanc, R.E. Bell, P. Bonoli, J.C. Hosea, E. Mazzucato, C.K. Phillips, A.L. Roquemore, P.M. Ryan, G. Taylor, J.R. Wilson, H. Yuh

PPPL-4421 Abstract


Performance Projections For The Lithium Tokamak Experiment (LTX)

Authors: R. Majeski, L. Berzak, T. Gray, R. Kaita, T. Kozub, F. Levinton, D.P. Lundberg, J. Manickam, G.V. Pereverzev, K. Snieckus, V. Soukhanovskii, J. Spaleta, D. Stotler, T. Strickler, J. Timberlake, J. Yoo and L. Zakharov

PPPL-4420 Abstract


DC-like Phase Space Manipulation And Particle Acceleration Using Chirped AC Fields

Authors: P.F. Schmit and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4419 Abstract


Investigation of Resistive Wall Mode Stabilization Physics in High-beta Plasmas Using Applied Non-axisymmetric Fields in NSTX

Authors: A.C. Sontag, S.A. Sabbagh, W. Zhu, J.E. Menard, R.E. Bell, J.M. Bialek, M.G. Bell, D.A. Gates, A.H. Glasser, B.P. LeBlanc, K.C. Shaing, D. Stutman and K.L. Tritz

PPPL-4418 Abstract


Considerations for Contractile Electroactive Polymeric Materials and Actuators

Authors: Lenore Rasmussen, Carl J. Erickson, Lewis D. Meixler, George Ascione, Charles A. Gentile, Carl Tilson, Stephen L. Bernasek, Esta Abelev

PPPL-4417 Abstract


Preliminary Physics Motivation and Engineering Design Assessment of the National High Power Torus Experiment (NHTX)

Authors: Robert D. Woolley

PPPL-4416 Abstract


A Novel Demountable TF Joint Design for Low Aspect Ratio Spherical Torus Tokamaks

Authors: Robert D. Woolley

PPPL-4415 Abstract


Theory of Fine-scale Zonal Flow Generation From Trapped Electron Mode Turbulence

Authors: L. Wang and T.S. Hahm

PPPL-4414 Abstract


Non-Axisymmetric Shaping of Tokamaks Preserving Quasi-Axisymmetry

Authors: Long-Poe Ku

PPPL-4413 Abstract


Comments on "Guiding Center Plasma Models in Three Dimensions"

Authors: J.A. Krommes

PPPL-4412 Abstract


ITER Generic Diagnostic Upper Port Plug Nuclear Heating and Personnel Dose Rate Assesment Neutronics Analysis using the ATTILA Discrete Ordinates Code

Authors: Russell Feder and Mahmoud Z. Yousef

PPPL-4411 Abstract


Results of Compact Stellarator Engineering Trade Studies

Authors: Tom Brown, L. Bromberg, M. Cole

PPPL-4410 Abstract


Numerical Calculations Demonstrating Complete Stabilization of the Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Resistive Wall Mode by Longitudinal Flow

Authors: S. Smith, S.C. Jardin, J.P. Freidberg, L. Guazzotto

PPPL-4409 Abstract


Nonlinear Theoretical Tools for Fusion-related Microturbulence: Historical Evolution, and Recent Applications to Stochastic Magnetic Fields, Zonal- flow Dynamics, and Intermittency

Authors: J.A. Krommes

PPPL-4408 Abstract


Transition to ELM-free Improved H-mode by Lithium Deposition on NSTX Graphite Divertor Surfaces

Authors: D.K. Mansfield, H.W. Kugel, R. Maingi, M.G. Bell, R. Bell, R. Kaita, J. Kallman, S. Kaye, B. LeBlanc, D. Mueller, S. Paul, R. Raman, L. Roquemore, S. Sabbagh, H. Schneider, C.H. Skinner, V. Soukhanovskii, J. Timberlake, J. Wilgen, L. Zakharov

PPPL-4407 Abstract


Spectral Effects on Fast Wave Core Heating and Current Drive

Authors: C.K. Phillips, R.E. Bell, L.A. Berry, P.T. Bonoli, R.W. Harvey, J.C. Hosea, E.F. Jaeger, B.P. LeBlanc, P.M. Ryan, G. Taylor, E.J. Valeo, J.R. Wilson, J.C. Wright, H. Yuh, and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4406 Abstract


Effects of Enhanced Eathode Electron Emission on Hall Thruster Operation

Authors: Y. Raitses, A. Smirnov and N. J. Fisch

PPPL-4405 Abstract


Local Scrape-off Layer Control Using Biased Electrodes in NSTX

Authors: S.J. Zweben, R.J. Maqueda, A.L. Roquemore, C.E. Bush, R. Kaita, R.J. Marsala, Y. Raitses, R.H. Cohen, D.D. Ryutov

PPPL-4404 Abstract


Astrophysical Gyrokinetics: Kinetic and Fluid Turbulent Cascades In Magentized Weakly Collisional Plasmas

Authors: A.A. Schekochihin, S.C. Cowley, W. Dorland, G.W. Hammett, G.G. Howes, E. Quataert, and T. Tatsuno

PPPL-4403 Abstract


Generalized Expression for Polarization Density

Authors: L. Wang and T.S. Hahm

PPPL-4402 Abstract


Plasma Equilibrium in a Magnetic Field with Stochastic Regions

Authors: John A. Krommes and Allan H. Reiman

PPPL-4401 Abstract


Importance of Plasma Response to Non-axisymmetric Perturbations in Tokamaks

Authors: Jong-kyu Park, Allen H. Boozer, Jonathan E. Menard, Andrea M. Garofalo, Michael J. Schaffer, Richard J. Hawryluk, Stanley M. Kaye, Stefan P. Gerhardt, Steve A. Sabbagh, and the NSTX team

PPPL-4400 Abstract


Evaporated Lithium Surface Coatings in NSTX

Authors: H.W. Kugel, D. Mansfield, R. Maingi, M.G. Bel, R.E. Bell, J. P. Allain, D. Gates, S. Gerhardt, R. Kaita, J. Kallman, S. Kaye, B. LeBlanc, R. Majeski J. Menard, D. Mueller, M. Ono, S. Paul, R. Raman, A.L. Roquemore, P.W. Ross, S. Sabbagh, H. Schneider, C.H. Skinner, V. Soukhanovskii , T. Stevenson, J. Timberlake, W.R. Wampler, J. Wilgren, L. Zakharov and the NSTX Team

PPPL-4399 Abstract


Particle-in-Cell Modeling of Magnetized Argon Plasma Flow Through Small Mechanical Apertures

Authors: Adam B. Sefkow and Samuel A. Cohen

PPPL-4398 Abstract


Wave-driven Countercurrent Plasma Centrifuge

Authors: A.J. Fetterman and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4397 Abstract


Annual Site Environmental Report for Calendar Year 2004

Authors: Virginia Finley

PPPL-4396 Abstract


Study of Turbulent Fluctuations Driven bythe Electron TemperatureGradient in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: E. Mazzucato, R.E. Bell, S. Ethier, J.C. Hosea, S.M. Kaye, B.P. LeBlanc, W.W. Lee, P.M. Ryan, D.R. Smith, W.X. Wang, J.R. Wilson, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4395 Abstract


A Spatially Resolving X-ray Crystal Spectrometer for Measurement of Ion-temperature and Rotation-velocity Profiles on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak

Authors: K.W. Hill, M. L. Bitter, S.D. Scott, A. Ince-Cushman, M. Reinke, J.E. Rice, P. Beiersdorfer, M.-F. Gu, S.G. Lee, Ch. Broennimann, and E.F. Eikenberry

PPPL-4394 Abstract


Overview of Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)

Authors: D.A. Gates,

PPPL-4393 Abstract


Diagnostics for the Biased Electrode Experiment on NSTX

Authors: A.L. Roquemore, S.J. Zweben, C.E. Bush, R. Kaita, R. J. Marsalsa, and R.J. Maqueda

PPPL-4392 Abstract


Comparisons of Predicted Plasma Performance in ITER H-mode Plasmas with Various Mixes of External Heating

Authors: R.V. Budny

PPPL-4391 Abstract


Response to "Comment on `Turbulent Equipartition Theory of Toroidal Momentum Pinch'"

Authors: T.S. Hahm, P.H. Diamond and O.D. Gurcan, and G. Rewoldt

PPPL-4390 Abstract


Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Dust Particle Trajectories in the NSTX

Authors: W. U. Boeglin, A. L. Roquemore, and R. Maqueda

PPPL-4389 Abstract


Beta-indued Alfvén-aousti Eigenmodes in NSTX and DIII-D Driven by Beam Ions

Authors: N.N. Gorelenkov, M.A. Van Zeeland, H.L. Berk, N.A. Crocker, D. Darrow E. Fredrickson, G.-Y. Fu, W.W. Heidbrink, J. Menard and R. Nazikian

PPPL-4388 Abstract


Momentum Transport in Electron-Dominated Spherical Torus Plasmas

Authors: S.M. Kaye, W. Solomon, R.E. Bell, B.P. LeBlanc, F. Levinton, J. Menard, G. Rewoldt, S. Sabbagh, W. Wang, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4387 Abstract


Relationship Between Onset Thresholds, Trigger Types, and Rotation Shear for the m/n=2/1 Neoclassical Tearing Mode in a High-β Spherical Torus

Authors: S.P. Gerhardt, D.P. Brennan, R. Buttery, R.J. La Haye, S. Sabbagh, E. Strait, M. Bell, R. Bell, E. Fredrickson, D. Gates, B. LeBlanc, J. Menard, D. Stutman, K.Tritz, and H. Yuh

PPPL-4386 Abstract


Noise-Sustained Convective Instability in a Magnetized Taylor-Couette Flow

Authors: Wei Liu

PPPL-4385 Abstract


MARFE stability and movement in an ELMy H-mode NSTX Discharge

Authors: F. Kelly, R. Maingi, R. Maqueda, J. Menard and S. Paul

PPPL-4384 Abstract


Ponderomotive Acceleration of Hot Electrons in Tenuous Plasmas

Authors: V.I. Geyko and G.M. Fraiman, I.Y. Dodin and N.J. Fisch

PPPL-4383 Abstract


On Higher-order Corrections to Gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson Equations in the Long Wavelength Limit

Authors: W.W. Lee and R.A. Kolesnikov

PPPL-4382 Abstract


A Collective Scattering System for Measuring Electron Gyroscale Fluctuations on the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: D.R. Smith, E. Mazzucato, W. Lee, H.K. Park, C.W. Domier, and N.C. Luhmann, Jr.

PPPL-4381 Abstract


Observations of Reduced Electron Gyro-scale Fluctuations in National Spherical Torus Experiment H-mode Plasmas with Large E × B Flow Shear

Authors: D. R. Smith, S. M. Kaye, W. Lee, E. Mazzucato, H. K. Park, R. E. Bell, C. W. Domier, B. P. LeBlanc,F. M. Levinton, N. C. Luhmann, Jr., J. E. Menard, and H. Yu

PPPL-4380 Abstract


Moving Divertor Plates in a Tokamak

Authors: S.J. Zweben, H. Zhang

PPPL-4379 Abstract


Risk Management on the National Compact Stellarator Project (NCSX)

Authors: Robert T. Simmons, Philip J. Heitzenroeder, Wayne T. Reiersen, and George H. Neilson, Ronald L. Strykowsky, Donald Rej, Christopher O. Gruber

PPPL-4378 Abstract


Operator Based Preconditioning of Stiff Hyperbolic Systems

Authors: Daniel R. Reynolds, Ravi Samtaney, And Carol S. Woodward

PPPL-4377 Abstract


A Method to Simulate Linear Stability of Impulsively Accelerated Density Interfaces in Ideal-MHD and Gas Dynamics

Authors: Ravi Samtaney

PPPL-4376 Abstract


Non-ambipolar Transport by Trapped Particles in Tokamaks

Authors: J.K. Park, A.H. Boozer, and J.E. Menard

PPPL-4375 Abstract


Development of a Couette-Taylor Flow Device with active Minimization of Secondary Circulation

Authors: Ethan Schartman

PPPL-4374 Abstract


An Expression for the Temperature Gradient in Chaotic Fields

Authors: S.R. Hudson

PPPL-4373 Abstract


Characterization of the Plasma Current Quench During Disruptions in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Authors: S.P. Gerhardt, J.E. Menard, and the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4372 Abstract


Scaling of radial propagating structures in the scrape-off layer of the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX)

Authors: T. Windisch, O. Grulke, S.J. Zweben and R. J. Maqueda

PPPL-4371 Abstract


An Analytic Study of the Perpendicularly Propagating Electromagnetic Drift Instabilities in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment

Authors: Y. Wang, R. Kulsrud, H. Ji

PPPL-4370 Abstract


Use of Helical Fields to Allow a Long Pulse Reversed Field Pinch

Authors: A.H. Boozer and N. Pomphrey

PPPL-4369 Abstract


Effects of Heavy Ions on ULF Wave Resonances Near the Equatorial Region

Authors: D.-H.Lee, J.R. Johnson, K. Kim and K.-S.Kim

PPPL-4368 Abstract


NSTX: Facility/Research Highlights and Near Term Facility Plans

Authors: M. Ono for the NSTX Research Team

PPPL-4367 Abstract


Demonstration of Detuning and Wavebreaking Effects on Raman Amplification Effciency in Plasma

Authors: N. A. Yampolsky, N. J. Fisch, V. M. Malkin, E. J. Valeo, R. Lindberg, J. Wurtele, J. Ren, S. Li, A. Morozov, S. Suckewer

PPPL-4366 Abstract


Two-dimensional Fully Kinetic Simulations Of Driven Magnetic Reconnection With Boundary Conditions Relevant To The Magnetic Reconnection Experiment

Authors: S. Dorfman, W. Daughton, V. Roytershteyn, H. Ji, Y. Ren, and M. Yamada

PPPL-4365 Abstract



Fusion-born Alpha Particle Ripple Loss Studies in ITER

Authors: G.J. Kramer, R.B. White, R. Nazikian, H.L. Berk

PPPL-4363 Abstract


Magnetic Detachment and Plume Control in Escaping Magnetized Plasma

Authors: P. F. Schmit and N. J. Fisch

PPPL-4362 Abstract


Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI

Authors: R. Raman, B.A. Nelson, D. Mueller, T.R. Jarboe,

PPPL-4361 Abstract


Predications and Observations of Global Beta-induced Alfven-acoustic Modes in JET and NSTX

Authors: N.N. Gorlenkov, H.L. Berk, N.A. Crocker, E. Fredrickson, et. al.

PPPL-4360 Abstract


Modeling of Carbon Migration During JET Injection Experiments

Authors: J.D. Strachan, J. Likonen, P. Coad, M. Rubel, A. Widdowson, M. Airila, P. Andrew, S.Brezinsek, G. Corrigan, H.G. Esser, S. Jachmich, A. Kallenbach, A. Kirschner, A. Kreter, G.F. Matthews, V.Philipps, R.A. Pitts, J. Spence, M. Stamp, S. Wiesen, and JET-EFDA contributors

PPPL-4359 Abstract


Controlling Charge and Current Neutralization of an Ion Beam Pulse in a Background Plasma by Application of a Solenoidal Magnetic Field I: Weak Magnetic Field Limit

Authors: I. D. Kaganovich, E. A. Startsev, A. B. Sefkow, and R. C. Davidson

PPPL-4358 Abstract


Calculation Of Change-Changing Cross Sections Of IONS Or Atoms Colliding With Fast IONS Using The Classical Trajectory Method

Authors: I. D. Kaganovich, Ariel Shnidman, Harrison Mebane, and R.C. Davidson

PPPL-4357 Abstract


Development of ITER 15 MA ELMy H-mode Inductive Scenario

Authors: C. E. Kessel, D. Campbell, Y. Gribov, G. Saibene, G. Ambrosino, T. Casper, M. Cavinato, H. Fujieda, R. Hawryluk, L. D. Horton, A. Kavin, R. Kharyrutdinov, F. Koechl, J. Leuer, A. Loarte, P. J. Lomas, T. Luce, V. Lukash, M. Mattei, I.Nunes, V. Parail, A. Polevoi, A. Portone, R. Sartori, A.C.C. Sips, P. R. Thomas, A. Welander and J. Wesley

PPPL-4356 Abstract