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2D Numerical Simulation of the Resistive Reconnection Layer

Authors: D.A. Uzdensky and R.M. Kulsrud

Date of PPPL Report: January 1999

Published in: Phys. Plasmas 7 (October 2000) 4018-4030. (Title changed to: Two-dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Resistive Reconnecction Layer.)

In this paper we present a two-dimensional numerical simulation of a reconnection current layer in incompressible resistive magnetohydrodynamics with uniform resistivity in the limit of very large Lundquist numbers. We use realistic boundary conditions derived consistently from the outside magnetic field, and we also take into account the effect of the back pressure from flow into the separatrix region. We find that within a few Alfvén times the system reaches a steady state consistent with the Sweet-Parker model, even if the initial state is Petschek-like.