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Direct Observation of IBW Induced Poloidal Flow in TFTR

Authors: B.P. LeBlanc, R.E. Bell, S. Bernabei, J.C. Hosea, R. Majeski, M. Ono, C.K. Phillips, J.H. Rogers, G. Schilling, C.H. Skinner, J.R. Wilson

Manuscript and figures revised December 14, 1998

Shearing of the plasma poloidal rotation velocity was observed during application of ion Bernstein wave IBW) power in the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) tokamak. The first evidence of corroboration between measured poloidal velocity shearing and actively induced Reynolds stress effects is presented. A model reproduces salient experimental features: The observed sheared flow occurs near the tritium fifth harmonic cyclotron resonance layer and depends strongly on the tritium density, in agreement with the model. Furthermore, the model reproduces the observed insensitivity of the induced rotation to the tritium density in the region between the third deuterium harmonic layer and the fifth tritium harmonic layer.